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Tips to flaunt the perfect fashion eyewear

One of the easiest ways to up your style quotient is to flaunt a pair of trendy spectacles or sunnies. Prominent eyewear brands keep designing new frames each and every season. It becomes a daunting task to find the trendiest and most flattering pair. Fret not, here are some of the most stylish frames setting the trend currently.


What makes for a great style statement? A voguish pair of eyewear is all you need, of course. All through the years, eyewear has been an essential accessory. That’s why everyone, from Hollywood stars to famous personalities, is sporting their own unique pair of eyeglasses or sunglasses.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a pair of eyeglasses or sunglasses. Eyewear has the ability to transform any understated outfit into something that exudes style.

Following are some vintage and modish eyewear that will make your unique fashion statement.

Reflecting your style

Back in the 80s, mirrored sunglasses were a huge deal. Two decades later, their resurgence has made them a huge style statement. The revival of the mirrored sunnies has got everyone donning a pair, from top celebrities to street fashionistas. These shades can incorporate a certain colour to one’s look. They are dazzling, vibrant and chic. Cool and edgy, the mirrored sunglasses are back with a bang.

The reflective rainbow hued lenses make the mirrored sunglasses sassy and modish. These retro sunnies come in all shapes and sizes. The mirrored lenses can never go wrong with perennial frame shapes like a Wayfarer or an Aviator. From the likes of Daniel Craig to Jessica Alba and Selena Gomez flaunting a pair, mirrored sunnies is the celeb trend we adore right now.

Flaunting the styles of yesteryear

They emanate an aura of timeless chic, integrating modern into classic. The vintage inspired eyeglasses are trending right now. They are inspired by the iconic designs of the 60s and 70s eyewear. These spectacles have a contemporary flair to it, while staying true to the classic designs. The frames are bold and colourful with elegant designs and detailing incorporated in them.

Some of the perfect archetypes of these chic eyeglasses are Wayfarers, round and the browline frames. The exaggerated chunky and bold Wayfarer is the trend that follows the classic nerd glasses. The neo Wayfarer features colourful streaks or fun prints on the frames. The perfectly round or oversized round frames is another classy eyewear which adds a little whimsy to your look. Browline eyeglasses with heavy elegant detailing are also a hot piece in the market. These eyeglasses will truly complement and complete your ultra-stylish look.

The catty quirks

Another vintage eyewear, the cat-eye frames are a must-have accessory at the moment. Hot trends back in the 50’s, the cat-eye frames of today are chic. The vintage frame with a modern touch appeals to any look, from cocktail dresses to preppy casual Tees.

These eyeglasses and sunglasses come in different designs. The metallic or pastel hued frames are a hot favourite. The tortoise or leopard prints on the frames and temples give a classy look. Elegant embellishments and detailing are bold and snazzy. If you’re doubtful about this frame, you can always look to celebrities for inspiration. The cat-eye frame will add the little oomph to your look with artificial jewellery.

Clearly chic

A current favourite at the moment are the clear frames. Thanks to modern plastic molding technology, the transparent and translucent frames are the epitome of urban chic. They are stylish as well as sturdy.

The translucent frames are a little feminine as they come in pretty pastel frames for a fresh and subtle look. The transparent frames look great on almost everyone. They are perfect for both men and women. Their lack of strikingly bright colour will complement any outfit. These frames come in all shapes and sizes, crafted for everyone to flaunt. A must-have pair, the unique clear frames will definitely make you stand out.

Whether it’s the designs or shapes, these frames are timelessly chic. The bold and voguish perpetual frames are the way to go to create that exclusive style statement.

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