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Tokai Lenses – A class apart!

Tokai is the first Neuroscience lens that has come into existence. These lenses are of a superior quality and considered to be the thinnest and most light-weight lenses in the eyewear market. They are ultra thin aspheric plastic lens covered with an anti-reflecting surface coating of super hard hydrophobic characteristics (SPS – Super Power Shield), which provides strength similar to the mineral lens.

These lenses are available in two types – single vision and WS progressive. They have high strength due to which they can be installed in rimless and nylon frames as well.

Tokai Lenses Characteristics

Tokai lenses are made from advanced technology and carry state-of-the-art features. Some of the most talked-about ones include:-

  • High transparency
  • Low specific weight
  • High resistance to weather conditions
  • High Abbe number
  • Excellent tolerance to pressure and resistance to impacts
  • UV protection

Progressive Tokai Lenses

They are available under basic material of 1.6 and 1.76 refractive index. With advanced technology and rigorous research, Tokai has come up with a special technology that can reduce the stress on the brain while adapting to progressive lenses. This leads to development of the world’s first most comfortable multi-focal lenses. The progressive lenses have following characteristics:

  • Ultra high refractive index of 1.6
  • Thinner and lighter than any other lenses.
  • Recommendable for high prescription power
  • 99% high transparency
  • UV 400 nm technology for protection from harmful UV rays
  • Combination of 2 basic cures in single progressive WS which provides better vision
  • Smooth transition creating wider comfort

Single Vision Tokai Lenses

They are available in basic material of 1.76 refractive index. They contain the basic characteristics same as the ones of progressive lenses. The only difference is their refractive index. The various characteristics of single vision Tokai lenses are:-

  • Ultra high refractive index of 1.76
  • Up to 47% thinner than conventional lenses.
  • Best in class strength, design and durability.
  • UV protection through UV400 nm technology.
  • Recommended for high prescription power
  • Aspheric design guarantees better natural vision field

Tokai lenses are a boon to people wearing glasses. With thinner and wider view field, they are best in class for corporate, teachers, shopkeepers and for those who indulge in a lot of shopping.

In short, these lenses are the most technologically advanced ones in the world.

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