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Healing eyesight with contact lenses

Summary: Contact lenses are an important part of our lives. Along with an aesthetic appeal, contacts also provide therapeutic use. Common ailments like dry eyes, corneal abrasions and atypical disorders like filamentary keratitis and post-keratoplasty can be treated with contact lenses. No individual, especially those who live in the 21st century, likes being bespectacled. Gen […]

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Fun with colour contact lenses

Summary: Contact lenses are used to have clear vision but many people use it because it lends them an aesthetic appeal. Contact lenses can colour your eyes in different hues but while opting for the right colour, be mindful of your skin tone and hair colour. Contact lenses are thin plastic lenses which improve vision […]

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Tips to healthy vision

Eyes are the most beautiful gift of nature to us. It gives us the power to see the world around us in a crystal clear manner. Eyes are an important, but often overlooked, part of overall healthcare. Despite the preventable nature of some vision impairments, many people do not receive recommended screenings and exams and […]

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Astigmatism correction through Toric lenses

In today‚Äôs day and age, there is a cure for everything. From problems related to sight to other diseases, everything can be cured with technology. Focusing on eye related problems, various eyeglasses are available in the market which comes to the aid of wearers suffering from eye related defects. But, do eyeglasses meet our fashionable […]

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