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Bend the Trend….

Bend the Trend….

Undeniably the fact remains that suiting gets completed by sunglasses that are latest in trend. With a black past to the bright future, sunglasses have transformed into protective and trendy eyewear. Benetton group has embarked its name in the fashion industry in 1965 and till now it is providing its services with such elegance. Some smoky hot eyewear designed by international designers has made their way through to some of the most famous people like Johnny Depp and Van diesel.

The history of sunglasses had a head start with the use of light emerald green gems to view the fight of the gladiators. This fact is well illustrated in the movie “gladiators” too, where Roman Emperor Nero saw fights with his wife sitting in the arena’s balcony. In the 12th century, people of china followed a trend to use Sunglasses having panes of quartz. The problem associated with panes of quartz was that they had no corrective powers. The protection from sun glare was also a concern with quartz. The data states the use of these sunglasses by court judges during interrogation to hide expressions and eye movements which portray the looks of the judges as dominant ones. It was not until the 14th century when vision-correcting eyeglasses came into existence by the manufacturers in Italy and china. But the imminent issue that surrounded the sunglasses from getting famous was that they didn’t offered protection against sun glare. James Ayscough, the man who introduced tinted lens spectacles into the field which gained interest among the common people. The main attraction of these eyeglasses was the blue-green tinted lenses which were introduced by saying that they give protection against many eye ailments. The beginning of the 20th century brought about a revolution in eyewear. The researchers and opticians were brought together to fulfill the prime objective of sunglasses i.e. protection.

As eyes are the vulnerable to dust and sun glare, they have to be protected. The growing concerns regarding eye impairments were increasing day by day. The possible solutions were not working to protect  the most promising gift by the almighty. As for eyes, the sense of walking and image interpretation is connected with these and it will be difficult to see or walk without eyes hence they need to be protected.

Following the timeline we can see some great advancement in the optics field. Experiments with the optics to provide shield against dust in war field made a distinctive place in the making of sunglasses. With such advancements and additional features, the era of 21st century arrived. In 21st century, sunglasses begin to take the shape of a blended version of old and new shapes. Polarized sunglasses were first brought up by Edwin H. Land in 1936 with the use of Polaroid filter. The Polaroid lens made a breakthrough in optics field. Polaroid lenses then begin to be integrated in every eyewear as they provided protection from dust and sun glare. One of the esteemed companies which has made a distinct statement amongst others is United colors of Benetton. It is a global fashion brand, based in Treviso, Italy. The company name came from the Benetton family who founded the company in 1965. The Group is now listed in Milan. With such an elegant look, these sunglasses are the perfect definition of style and fashion. Now, the sunglasses set a style statement among the youngsters as they try to look trendy and smart.

benetton sunglasses

United Colors of Benetton Sunglasses, Buy sunglasses

The unique United colors of Benetton Sunglasses, with frames are built elegantly to go with any attire. The rough styling and the strong metal build by the crafters gives a look to die for. If these are to be worn with the original merchandise of United colors of Benetton, they suit the wearer and make other people follow them. United colors of Benetton Sunglasses are aiming to launch a new range with some blended look of the 60’s and elegance of 90’s together to make a perfect eyewear. Innovative minds are working globally to make United colors of Benetton Sunglasses unique. Some inspiring ideas always make way in its new product line. Nature has always been an inspiration for people coming up with new ideas whether for a poem or for army weapons. The colors of nature provide an outlook of a new design to makers who will then craft what stands in the market.

United colors of Benetton Sunglasses provide colors to the eyes of youngsters as well as to the people who love to dress up with some difference. 1937 Aviators are also gaining their market value. In a party everybody like to style differently and want to be a trendsetter and that’s what United colors of Benetton Sunglasses provide to the customers. In the near future new designs will change the scenario and styling.

Marketing firms are also nowadays getting attracted towards the strategy of putting all brands under one name.   Induction of many e-commerce sites has made it possible for the customers to get their hand upon their desired product. Many of the e-portals now provide the facility to buy sunglasses online and also provide free shipping. Paying online makes it easy to assure the perfect delivery of the product. People with interest in the offline shopping can buy sunglasses from the retail stores located in various cities to provide easy access to the customers. Benetton has a network of over 6,500 stores in 120 countries. So you can easily get your hands on your pair of sunglasses.

With such crafted designs and color combinations, United colors of

benetton sunglasses

Benetton Sunglasses

Benetton Sunglasses have a huge market and are now coming with some new changes which will “bend the trend” into a new direction. A new era of sunglasses will make their stand and transform the looks, style statements and lifestyle. Also, with the ever-changing civilization, a change in the eyewear industry is needed to go with the flow.

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