Best Ray-Ban Aviator Sunglasses for Men

Now-a-days, Sunglasses are one of our favorite style accessories. The trend of wearing sunglasses with atypical features is in huge demand. It only depends on the fashion sense of an individual, how he or she likes to carry his or her style. Ray-Ban sunglasses are offered with a wide array of tints and designs which will sport an eye-catching appeal in your appearance along with safeguarding your eyes.

Ray-Ban Sunglasses are not just to protect eyes from the scorching sun rays but also to enhance the inner persona by upgrading it to a new level with proper fashion and style. Thus, one can mirror out his or her dressing style in a fresh manner too. In this time set, when people are more conscious regarding their appearances and overall personality, every lifestyle product is crafted by the combo of style and comfort. In fact, the spanned industry of eye-wear and sunglasses is not lagging behind at all. One can easily find goggles as per his/her personal fashion preference. There are many types of Ray-Ban sunglasses available to match with any kind of personality and attitude. At the same time, eyes are protected by sunglasses from deadly and harsh ultra violet beams of sunshine along with the diminutive yet unsafe dust and dirt particles of air.

Therefore sunglasses are meant to serve more than fashion essence. From summers to winters or be it monsoons, every period of time has its own disadvantage and a gloomy side to affect the human race. The hot sunlight brings hundreds of dangerous elements comprising dust, dirt and ultra violet rays. If they directly enter eyes or attack sensitive eyes through sudden heavy wind, one can become blind. There are many scientists and environmental experts who are researching upon these deadly facts for decades to cut down the negative impacts of nature on human beings. Nevertheless, precaution is required and for that Ray-Ban sunglasses are one of the best ones.

Ray-Ban is the most trustworthy brand that serves the fashion maniacs and their need of life style in an apt manner. Ray-Ban was founded in 1936. Since then, the brand has maintained its frequent flourishing and improving quality from time to time. This is the major reason behind the huge success of the brand. The brand is also considered one of the refined sunglasses manufacturers. All its products are fashionable and can be utilized in any kind of age group. Even during the 50’s, Ray-Ban had gained enough recognition in the world market; thanks to the American pop-culture. In several notable movies of famous faces like Kim Novak and Marilyn Monroe, Ray-Ban sunglasses have got lime light. Moreover from the recent past, Bollywood’s Big-B, Amitabh Bachchan is also seen on television in promotional advertisements. Therefore, it is clearly visible that even stars consider the brand to be the royal one to flaunt from old decades to the new epoch.

With flawless styling and unblemished patterns, Ray-Ban sunglasses as well as its Aviator sunglasses have soared up to the most preferred fashion accessories for both men and women. Everyone desires to be updated and smart. For an ideal make over, pick any sunglasses as per your face structure and you will surely look amazing. One special fact of Ray-Ban sunglasses is that these can be clubbed up with any colour and any outfit effortlessly. There is hardly any better way than adding Ray-Ban items to your collection to spruce up your closet. These unisex sunglasses are also obtainable with printed textures which offer a funky appeal and make you stand apart from the crowd. Be it the 1950’s or be it 2012, the brand has been setting a atypical style that always looks majestic and outstanding. Ray-Ban can never be old fashioned. It was initially discovered to serve the pilots of US air force. But, as time passed by, it started appearing in common man’s wardrobe too. From renowned golfers, bikers, trekkers to celebrities of silver screen, each well known personality goes for the brand. Ray-Ban treasures every possible style art that goes well with anyone and everyone.

About Aviators


Aviator SunglassesWith the whole matter revolving around the topic of sunglasses, there are several shapes of frames that can never fade in the fashion world, such as wayfarers, clubmasters and aviators. Ray-Ban, the 75 year old sunglasses manufacturer, is the most preferred one stop store house of this ongoing fashionable trinity. To set the milepost in the fashion sunglasses market, Ray-Ban boasts of its capsule assortment of four limited variant of aviator styles too, which have ambermatic lenses.
As per the past record of Ray-Ban aviator, a troop of technical design proficients were recruited especially to structure high quality sunglasses to protect eyes of army pilots. Originally recognized as ‘Anti-Glare’, aviator sunglasses were gradually re-launched to highlight how a simple pair of sunglasses can efficaciously obstruct sun beams. With providence, the company experienced a possibility of entering in the market with all their stylish frames. Therefore, finally in the year 1937, Ray-Ban Aviator was launched and soon it penetrated into becoming a classic one. Till date, its status and class remains untouched.
Ray-Ban’s famous light-sensitive photochromic lens also fascinates the style concerned people. ‘Ambermatic’ lenses of sunglasses are actually the yellow tinted lenses that dim depending upon the light and temperature. With standard transitioning from yellow shade to brown, the technical side of lens perfectly blocks uncomfortable brightness and emphasizes silhouettes and shapes, even under the shower of snowflakes.

Ray-Ban Aviator Sunglasses


Being the rapid growing brand of sunglasses, Ray-ban commits to offer style, both sunglasses for men and women. Even the youth of the society is enchanted by its assortment. The intercontinental appeal and attribute of these Ray-ban sunglasses are truly appreciable. Most interestingly, the lenses are crafted by utilizing the refined materials that have the capability to make sunglasses tough enough, against any type of danger or harm. The aviator sunglasses have smooth and nice shape that fits flawlessly on the wearer’s face. There are goggles for each kind of face shape, such as rectangular, round and oval. From party to cool hang-outs with friends or from college to office, you can put on the chic and alluring Ray-ban sunglasses anytime and anywhere. This way you can jazz up your personality as well.

The well famed teardrop patterns of Aviator lenses will always make you look different from the rest of the world. Moreover the lens screen can defend the entire eye portion from all directions. Almost all Aviators offer thin metal touched frame patterns which have been discovered to enlighten and compliment each kind of face shape.

Ray-Ban Aviators have already ushered an unquestionable impact upon the popular culture within the society by adorning the eyes of the rock-stars in various events and concerts. In fact, in the recent past, this exact model of sunglasses was also splendidly featured in the movie ‘Top Gun’.

The quality of the brand relies upon its optical characteristics. Ray-Ban Aviators are generally in a miscellany of shades like green, grey, blue, gold, brown and reflect varieties for dissimilar standards of clarity in visuals as well as in UV protection. Polarized lenses of Ray-Ban sunglasses are infused with a transmitting axis that is adjusted perpendicularly in order to obstruct reflecting brightness of light and sunshine. This feature makes these special Aviators to be the first class picks for outdoor activities, such as biking, golfing, and jogging. Similarly, Photochromic type of lens provides unsubtle vision in your indoor activities and automatically dims under the sunlight. Ray-Ban Aviator for men includes numerous varieties depending upon the frames, quality and colour of lenses. Gunmetal Green, Classic Ray-Ban Aviator Sunglasses, Gold Brown, Gunmetal Brown, Genuine Ray-Ban Aviator Sunglasses Gold green, etc. are the popular ones.

While there has been a huge craze for foldable Wayfarers for so many years amongst the masses, the classic Ray-Ban Aviators in folding style have snatched the equal royal treatment presently. The superior fact of Ray-ban sunglasses is that it accentuates a class. Ray-Ban is much adored because of its two key style products in sunglasses, namely- the aviator and the wayfarer. Although both of these stylish goggles are the most cherished ones during the olden times, the metal touched aviators are a surging popularity these days.

The best part of the products of Ray-ban is that these are highly lasting and one can wear these sunglasses for an extended time period. Furthermore, the most interesting feature of the goggles is that they are effective in resisting the sudden cracks and scratches. Therefore, one can go for mount climbing and other adventure activities by wearing it with no fear of loosing its charm in mind. The polarized Ray-ban aviator sunglasses for men have the latent features to polish up the contrast to a better level.

Best Aviators from Ray-Ban for Men


Ray-Ban Sunglasses factually appear in so many extraordinary styles. So, people often get confused with its vast assortment especially regarding what they should pick and what not. Ray-Ban has emerged to offer better standard within the assortment of typical products. The flawless blending of comfort, fashion and endurance is the plus point of these sunglasses. There are a number of ways through which you can purchase a pair of the aviator sunglasses. You can also go for online shopping with an affordable price range along with the advantage of cash on delivery payment facility on various portals, like Lenskart.

Ray-Ban RB3025 004/58 Polarized Aviator Large Gunmetal Natural Green Size: 58 Sunglasses

This wondrous creation from the famous brand of Ray-Ban is called a flawless form of Aviator that will infuse a macho feeling within you. The Polarized lenses of the sunglasses will tinge a glamorous effect in your persona along with study structure and tough looking metal finishing in craftsmanship. Water, scorching sun-rays and snow will not at all harm your eyes. You can have pleasure in using it while engaging yourself in various exciting activities like sports, fishing and driving. It will also enhance the clarity of your sight. The stylish arches of the bridge and temples will render proper comfort. These Ray-Ban sunglasses of premium quality sport a gunmetal natural full rim frame with unique nose pads that are easily adjustable.

Ray-Ban RB3025 003/3F SIZE: 62 Aviator Silver/Light Blue Gradient Men Metal Sunglass

Keeping the latest taste of men segment in society, Ray-Ban has introduced this ultimate pattern in its Aviator category. The fine looking structure of the sunglasses will always make the wearer more stylish, no matter where he goes and what he wears. Its light blue and silver mixed hue all over the lenses will surely throb your heart to grab it as soon as it catches your glimpse. 99 to 100 per cent filtration of harmful Ultra Violate rays through these glasses will keep your eyes unaffected by all the harmful elements floating in the environment. Full rim along with medium sized built of the sunglasses is the ideal style essence to look trendy at all time. Even the bridge and the temples of the sunglasses are patterned in a way so that it reflects extremely enviable appeal from your dressing sense.

Ray-Ban RB3025 001/58 Polarized Aviator Large Metal Arista-Natural Green Size:58 Sunglasses

Time has changed the fashion tastes of the men and therefore Lenskart is exhibiting these atypically structured sunglasses that can upgrade your own fashion quotient. The golden shimmer all around the greyish lenses will make you reflect an attractive appeal and will add a different magnetic aura to your personality. Adjustable nose pads, perfectly arches of the bridge and the temples along with a splendid shape and style are just the modern day allures that will keep the wearer trendy. Full rim built is apt to flatter in all the outdoor activities with super confidence. Being an aviator of style, this pair of chic sunglasses will do the talking once you put it on. Now-a-days, people are more in love with large size sunglasses that can cover a great portion of the face around the eyes. So, these sunglasses have got the true essence of current trend set up.

No matter what the trend is saying to wear, Ray-Ban itself is a timeless tag to flaunt around. Once you have one of its items in your treasure chest, you already get hold of the trend automatically. Aviator will make men look always a bit more macho in every event with a polished attitude.

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