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Bifocal Contact lenses – Boon for People with Presbyopia

Bifocal Contact lenses - Boon for People with Presbyopia

For many of us, Presbyopia is a curse we have to live with. You may ask, what is Presbyopia? In simple words, it is the inability to focus on things in close range. The reason behind that is the lens in our eyes, which loses its flexibility as we grow older. This condition only gets worse and we have to either take help of contact lenses or bifocal lenses to fix it.

Earlier, people wearing bifocals had very limited options. Several years ago, the only option was glasses containing bifocal lenses. Then, ‘no-line’ lenses came into market and bifocal glasses became a bit attractive. It was the turning point for bifocal correction lenses as for the first time those lenses started looking cool than they ever did in the past. The days of bulky and unattractive design were gone.

In today’s world, one has plenty of choices for bifocal lenses. It is becoming immensely popular as people wearing bulky glasses earlier can wear these thin contacts which are definitely more comfortable.  Not only comfortable, these lenses are very much affordable as well – making it one of the most preferred corrective lenses.

Both bifocal contact lenses and glasses work in a similar way. In case of glasses, each separate glass provides the user with a range of focus adjustments – one for things at a distance and the other for objects which are close. In the contacts, both the above mentioned adjustments are included. But, there is a small concern. As different manufacturers produce different types of bifocal lenses, therefore you should do your own homework to decide which type is the most suitable for you.

A unique design called ‘Concentric’ – with one adjustment in the middle and the other around the outside – is used in some lenses. With a little bit of practice, users find these lenses easy to wear.

‘Aspheric’ is another type of bifocal lens. In this case, both the powers are in the central area of the pupil of the eye and quite similar to ‘Concentric’ type. Your eyes will adjust themselves to these lenses and immediately decide on the focus which is more suitable.

But ‘translating bifocal lenses’ are most probably the best among these three. The near correction is placed at the bottom and the distance one at the top. These lenses can’t shift inside the eye which makes it handy for older peoples.

Before going for bifocal contacts, you must discuss with your optician to choose the perfect pair for your eyes. If you meet all the parameters perfectly, then your eye doctor may prescribe bifocal lenses for you, which you can get in daily disposables, conventional lenses or extended wear. Does not it sound great?

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