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Can Eyeglasses Deteriorate your Vision?

It is a general perspective of the people that eyeglasses always protect the vision of eyes. But, if you consult any eye specialist regarding the matter, you will come to know that it is not always true. The first thing is that the optic center of the eyeglasses must be in accordance with your sight. In simple language, the focal point and the focal length of the eyeglasses should be adjusted according to the focal point and the focal length of your eyeglasses. If they are properly adjusted then eyesight will not deteriorate anymore. But generally, it is seen that though we are using eyeglasses, there are some slight changes in eye sight. That is either due to inappropriate lifestyle or the quality of eyeglasses you are using. That is why it is advised to wear high quality or branded eyewear. The frame size should be appropriate according to your eyes. That is not only due to quality of eyeglasses but it also depends on the environment and lifestyle of the person. If the person is not conscious towards his/her lifestyle and doesn’t care about the environment, the powers of eyes will decrease with age.

Eyesight Constantly Changes

Have you ever thought that when you enter into a dark room after being in the sun, you are not able to see the things clearly and eyes gets closed or contracted for few seconds? This happens due to the reason that the environment surrounding eyes gets changed suddenly. So, it is obvious that earlier the nerves of eyes had adapted themselves according to an environment full of light but as soon as the eyes have to move to an environment with less light, the eye nerves have to contract and make themselves adaptable to the less light environment. During the whole process as the muscles focus and relax eyesight also changes a little. This is a natural phenomenon for eyes. A healthy eye is able to change its vision power according to the environment of the light but for a defected eye it is not an easy task and it may cause more damage to its vision power. Even the inappropriate availability of light may also damage the vision power of a healthy eye. Eyesight should always be adaptable to changes in the environment of the light that is why an eye specialist recommends wearing only those eyeglasses that support eyes during the changes in the environment and slight changes in eyesight too. It might be a major problem if your eyeglasses are not able to sustain the eyes according to the minor changes in eyesight. That is why it is advised to have a regular check-up of eyes so that it can be known that weather everything is normal with the eyes or not. The power of eyeglasses should be changed in accordance with the viewing power of eyes.

Healthy Eyes also Need to be Examined

Since eye is one of the five sense organs, so it is one of the most important parts of the body. No one can deny the crucial role of eyes in daily life. They keep on working throughout the day without any rest. Have you ever thought that it is the eyes which allow you to see this beautiful world? So we should be very thankful to eyes for all this and it is everyone’s duty to take care of eyes. Even a healthy eye need to be examined regularly and proper precautions should be taken to protect eyes. It is not necessary that if your eyesight is weak then only you have to go for check-up, a healthy eye needs a regular and rigorous check-up too. Everyone knows that ‘prevention is better than cure’ so it is always good to detect the symptoms before they get into your eyes and might cause problem to your vision. If you get to know the symptoms in the initial stage then it would be easy to prevent the loss of vision. Sometimes it is not possible to get the exact symptoms for eyesight getting week. In this case, it is advised to take appropriate precautions. If you are a regular user of PCs and Laptops then you must wear eyeglasses with antic layer, even if your eye is healthy. Antic layers will protect your eyes getting damaged and eyeglasses will also ensure safety of your eyes if they are healthy.

Can it Effect Side and Peripheral Vision,not Ideal for Sports, Bulky

Since nothing in this world is perfect and have some positive and negative features. Similarly the eyeglasses they also have some pros and cons. Let’s first discuss on pros, eyeglasses are the simplest and cheapest aid to correct a damaged vision. As there are so many techniques and instruments in market to correct a blurred vision such as Laser technique and contact-lenses but they are very expensive and not easy in touch for common man so eyeglasses provide the best alternative to correct their damaged vision. Eyeglasses work as a lifeline for those who have almost lost their vision for example in case of night blindness. Apart from so many pros there are some cons with eyeglasses. Most of the people wearing eyeglasses have a general thinking that the glasses affect their beauty negatively. Especially in case girls, they are more conscious to their looks so they do not prefer to wear eyeglasses instead of using contact-lenses. There is also a drawback with eyeglasses that if you are not using the type of glasses according to the suitability of your vision problems then they can affect your eyesight negatively. Wrong type of glasses can damage the side and peripheral vision of the eye, here type of glasses means spherical, cylindrical, convex and concave etc. It is always advisable to use branded and good quality eyeglasses. One of the major cons of wearing eyeglasses is that they can damage your eyes and face during sports. It is not safe to wear eyeglasses when you are playing any out-door game, so most of the players would like to use contact-lenses during sports. Massive and bulky eye glasses may affect sophisticated and sensitive eyes of small children in negative terms. Finally the conclusion is that eye is a sensitive part of our body and we have to take care of that by anyhow.

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