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Contact Lenses – All that You Need to Know

Everything You Need to know about Lenses

Contact lenses or simply contacts are referred to the lenses which are placed on the eye to correct vision. People who have eye sight problems or don’t want to wear glasses can wear contact lenses as these are considered as medical devices which can be worn to get clear vision. There is a big difference between contact lenses and eyeglasses and now most of the people choose to wear contact lenses instead of eyeglasses due to numerous reasons. Both aesthetics and cosmetics are frequently inspiring factors for all those people who would like to stay away from wearing glasses. There is another reason for its developed usage and it is because some people wear it to modify the appearance of their eyes. Other people like to wear contact lenses for more visual reasons. If one compares it to the eyeglasses then contact lenses naturally provide enhanced peripheral vision and to avoid the collection moisture due to rain, snow, condensation or even sweat that accounts for blurred vision. One can easily perform sports and other outdoor activities by wearing contact lenses. Moreover, there are numerous conditions such as keratoconus and aniseikonia that can only be corrected better by contacts than by eyeglasses. There are various types of contact lenses available in the market such as soft contact lenses, rigid gas permeable (RGP) contact lenses, extended wear contact lenses, disposable (replacement schedule) contact lenses, lens comparison, specialized uses of contact lenses, orthokeratology (Ortho-k), decorative (plano) contact lenses and many others. These lenses can be further classified into many options which may be separated by their primary function, material, wear schedule, which include how long a lens can be worn before removing it and then replacement schedule that involves how long before a lens needs to be discarded. The specific parameters specified in contact lenses treatment may include material or brand name, Base curve radius (BC, BCR), diameter (D, OAD), power in diopters and center thickness (CT).

Time Limits in Contact Lenses

Daily wear contact lenses (DW) are designed to be worn for one day and wearer is required to remove them prior to sleeping. An extended wear contact lens (EW) is designed for incessant overnight wear and is apt for wearing for an average for of up to 6 consecutive nights. Continuous wear contact lenses (CW) are manufactured by silicone hydrogels materials that allow the wearer to wear them for longer periods of more than 30 consecutive nights. Both extended and continuous wear contact lenses can be worn overnight due to their high oxygen permeability features. When the wearer awakes in morning, the eyes are normally opened allowing oxygen from air to dissolve into tears and then pass through the lens to the cornea of the eyes. In nights, while sleeping, these lenses allow the supply of oxygen from blood vessels to the back of the eyelid of the wearer. Extended and continuous wear contact lenses on an average allow for the transfer of five to six times more oxygen as compared to the other conventional soft lenses which usually allows the eye to remain healthy and even when your eyelids are closed. Wearing contacts lenses longer than its time limit can become particularly dangerous. It is as simple as you can save money by expanding the life of your lenses and you don’t experience the trouble of wearing eyeglasses for a few hours every day. If one wears contact lenses more than the prescribed period then the person may get infected by numerous diseases like corneal infections, corneal ulcers and corneal neovascularization.

Affect on Eyes and Lens

There are numerous affects on eyes and lens due to long term contact lens use. Problems like redness, swelling, corneal damage and other infections are common due to continuous contacts wearing. Incessant use of contact lenses leads to modification in corneal thickness, stromal thickness, curvature, corneal sensitivity, cell density and epithelial oxygen uptake and many others. Due to wearing contact lenses for long periods, other changes involve the formation of epithelial vacuoles and microcysts that contain cellular debris as well as the emergence of polymegathism in the corneal endothelium. Some other effects such as decreased corneal sensitivity, vision loss, and photophobia are also common in those patients who have worn contact lens for longer duration.

Keep Your Lenses and Eyes Safe

To keep your eyes and lenses safe and secure from dust and dirt, it is important to follow preventive and curative measures. You need to be a little more cautious while applying makeup on the eyes especially when you are wearing Contact lenses. You should give some attention so that the contact lenses do not stick to the eye lens. Wearer should not apply eyeliner between the eyelashes and eyes as a result it might hurt your eyes and lenses as well. While washing your face, you must remove contact lenses first. Keep your lenses away from dirt and dust otherwise it may hurt your eyes as well. Follow these simple steps to protect your eyes and your contacts:

  • Carefully wash and then dry your hands properly with soap and a sanitary towel
  • Clean your lens with solution to eliminate any trace of wreckage
  • Always apply and remove the lens for your right eye first to avoid mixing up your contact lenses
  • You should place the lens on the tip of your index finger and the lens need to be correctly oriented by inspecting the inside–out marker
  • To get rid of continuous eyes blinking, use your other hand to hold your upper eyelid
  • You have to pull down your lower eyelid with other fingers
  • Look up and then try to place the lens on the lower portion of the eye gently
  • Slowly liberate your eyelid and then close your eye just for a moment
  • To center the lens just blink for a while

Steps to Remove Contact Lenses from Your Eyes:

  • First of all, thoroughly wash and dry your hands with soap and then rinse them with a clean towel
  • Look up and try to pull down your lower eye lid gently
  • Remove right eye lens first to avoid mixing of contact lenses
  • Get your index finger close to your eye until you touch the lower edge of the lens
  • You just need to slide the lens down to the lower white portion of eye
  • Softly press the lens between your thumb and index finger and then try to remove it
  • Remove the other lens by following the same procedure in order

Choose the Best

There are numerous leading brands which manufacture high class contact lenses such as Johnson & Johnson Acuvue Clear, Bausch & Lomb Soflens, Freshlook Colorblends, Air Optix Aqua, Cooper Vision Frequency Xcel Toric, Ciba Vision Focus Dailies, Acme 42 Toric and many others. You can get your desired contact lenses form these brands as per your needs and demands. All these leading brands manufacture various disposable lenses as well as hard & soft lenses which fit you perfectly and don’t irritate your eyes. It is common to have confusion while selecting disposable lenses and hard & soft lenses due to the range accessible in the marketplace. But by following a few instructions and consulting an eye care professional, one can easily escape from the confusion and select the best contact lens for themselves and their lifestyle.

  • Choose a professional eye care expert who can perform an eye examination especially for contact lenses
  • After check up, decide on weekly or monthly disposable contacts. After making a final decision, you should consider how sensitive your eyes are and then think about how much you are ready to spend on contacts. People who have sensitive eyes mostly prefer daily or weekly lenses. These types of lenses are usually more costly than monthly disposable contact lenses
  • With the assistance of your eye care professional, review your options properly and then select the best brand for yourself
  • Be truthful about your experience with new contact lenses, if you do not like your new lenses then let your eye care professional know and try another pair

Perfect Vision and a New You

In the market today, there are numerous famous brands that manufacture and distribute contact lenses. Contacts from each brand have typical features with a difference that may suit your need and not of the others. If one finds best base curve of the lens, diameter, surface treatment and power features in a pair of contacts then there is no point in looking elsewhere. Some of these brands manufacture highly advanced and newer technology integrated contact lenses which give clear vision all day long. Most of the contact lenses are made up of bio-inspired material called HyperGel which helps retain moisture and one get the proper optical shape of the lens even after hours of wearing.

Points to Remember

You must take care of few points while selecting contact lenses. Factors that determine the best contact lens brand for you usually include:

Base curve: The base curve is a primary feature that accounts for the curve on the back surface of contact lens. It is important that the curve should be almost the same as the curvature of the front surface of eye (cornea). By setting well to the center of the cornea, the lens surface will be soft and consistent for clear, accurate vision.

Diameter: The diameter of a soft contact lens is another important point which needs to be focused on. The right diameter of the lens is important for lens centration and comfort. You should buy a large diameter lens so that the lens centers correctly on the cornea. But if you have a smaller-than-average eye then you will need a small-diameter lens.

Power: Some of the famous and renowned contact lens brands feature extensive power ranges for elevated amounts of myopia that is nearsightedness and hyperopia which is farsightedness. People who want strong correction, these brands provide you what you want.

Astigmatism design: People who have astigmatism and want toric contact lenses of diverse brands and have different designs just to ensure correct alignment of the toric powers. It also helps in reducing lens rotation during blinks and alters in head position as well.

Surface Treatments: If you think you have dry eyes or you feel that your lenses dry quickly after a few hours of wear then one must select only those brands that feature these kinds of treatments which may be best for you. These kinds of lenses feature lens treatments which is designed to help the lenses to stay moist longer for better wearing comfort.

What Not to Do with Contacts

Wearer should take care of a few not to do things with contact lenses:

  • Never share your contact lenses, contact lens cases or even cleaning solutions with anyone. It will consequently prevent the spread of eye diseases.
  • Do not use tap water or any other type of bottle water or water from a surface to clean your contact lenses or case. You should only use solutions that are standard for contact lens cleaning and disinfecting.
  • Don’t ever reuse the same multi-use solution in the case for several days. Always use fresh solution every day for cleaning contact lenses.
  • Don’t do swimming or go into hot tubs with your contacts lenses in because there are numerous types of organisms that thrive in these environments which may cause serious damage to your eyes
  • Don’t sleep with your contact lenses until your eye care specialist prescribe you special contacts which are FDA permitted to sleep with
  • Don’t use damaged contact lenses
  • Don’t try to use the contacts longer than what your doctor prescribed you otherwise it may cause you infection or other problems like red eyes, swelling
  • Never try to put your contact lenses in your mouth, it may disinfectant

Choose the best Contact Lenses for You Precious Eyes

Due to the availability of wide range of brands, each brand offers different kind of products at different prices. There is a huge price variation among various products due to diverse features and highly advanced technology attributes. One can get a range of contact lenses at both online and offline stores. One can prefer to buy contact lenses online where one can get huge discounts on each product and can select from broad range of products. You can also order for bulk precuts and get free shipping facility as well. Each brand has its own stores all across the country with various branches which offer original products.

Why Contacts over Eyeglasses

If you don’t have any issues in wearing eyeglasses then you may not realize what contact lenses can offer you and how beneficial they are. A comparison between both eyewear products would be an important assessment of their qualities and disadvantages.

  • Eyeglasses sometimes create distortion due to distance between eye and the lens. But contact lenses can be worn right on the eye for more natural vision.
  • Eyeglasses have poor peripheral (side) vision. On the other hand, contact lenses have the entire field of view in proper focus. It is especially important in sports and in driving activities, where you want a 360 degrees view so to say.
  • Generally, eyeglasses have steady perception of frame and lens edge as well as reflections off the reverse side of the lens. With contact lenses, there are no irritating obstructions or reflections.
  • Glasses are generally considered as distraction during games and sports whereas contact lenses have no distractions that make contact lenses the preferred choice for athletes.
  • Glasses leave uncomfortable weight on both face and ears. You need a periodic tightening or adjustment for proper fitting whereas in contact lenses, there is no weight that results in discomfort.

Its Better When it’s Raining

Mention: they don’t have to be cleaned like eyeglasses when rain drops or fog distorts your vision, no problem of scratches, you can wear it while performing any kind of activity.

While raining, contact lenses are considered as an ideal option because rain and weather can cause eyeglasses to fog up or then it also distorts vision with the moisture. But with contact lenses, you just don’t have to worry about your lenses fogging up or the moisture which will further affect your vision. Like in eyeglasses, you have prevented them from scratches and make them clean with cotton after every few hours but in contact lenses you just don’t need to do so.

Less Expensive, Don’t be Pensive

Mention: cheaper than eyeglasses, can easily be bought, check your prescription and check your fit and your vision will be as clear as never.

Generally contact lenses are considered as cheaper in price as compared to the eyeglasses. Anyone can easily afford them as per particular needs and demand of an individual. You just need to visit the doctor for eye checkup and he or she will prescribe you particular number as per your eye sight. And one can easily buy them for both online and offline modes. Eyeglasses do not give wider clear vision whereas contact lenses offer you wide and clear vision.

It’s as if you are wearing Nothing

Contacts are always simple and almost hassle-free. Today’s reusable soft lenses usually need just one type of solution to rub, rinse and store your lenses properly. On the other hand, daily disposable lenses generally do not need cleaning at all. Contact lenses are extremely light in weight whereas eyeglasses are quite bulky in size. People who are concerned about their looks wouldn’t need to wear bulky eyeglasses that give them awkward appearance as contact lenses are there for you and you will feel as you are wearing nothing extra to get clear vision. You just don’t need to worry about breaking lenses and frames because contact lenses are simple to wear and give you trouble-free wearing experience. Feel free after wearing contact lenses.

Add Some Colour to Your Appearance

Due to changing fashion trends, most of the people like to wear coloured contact lenses that will change your natural eye colour into a different colour. There are a numbers of famous contact lenses brands which manufacture high quality coloured contact lenses at best price. These colour contacts usually create the most natural eye color of all those people who have light and dark eyes. Johnson & Johnson Acuvue Clear, Bausch & Lomb Soflens, Freshlook Colorblends, Air Optix Aqua, Cooper Vision Frequency Xcel Toric, Ciba Vision Focus Dailies and Acme 42 Toric are some major brands which are indulged in manufacturing quality coloured contact lenses at unbeatable prices. Generally, these colour contacts perfectly blend with your natural eye colour and create an exotic look. If an individual has a deep eye colour, there are numerous brands which recommend honey, grey, turquoise, hazel, bright blue, brilliant blue, sterling grey and gemstone green colors. These coloured eye lenses will offer a more noticeable eye colour change which will further change your entire look.

Why Don’t Coloured Contacts Tint Your Vision

Contacts are now becoming a fast growing section in the market. Colour contact lenses give you a unique look and allow you to correct your vision along with your eye colour simultaneously. All colour contact lenses need recommendation but even if an individual doesn’t need vision correction he can also his doctor if he could wear fashionable contact lenses. Usually, there is a clear hole in the center for your pupil due to that you are not able to see the colour unless it slips over your pupil. Most people have query regarding lenses fading as time goes on. And yes, some contact lenses do fade with time, so it is advised to replace them as soon as they start fading.

Colour that Suits me Best

Colour contact lenses are a unique way to change your looks by enhancing or changing your eye colour. But selecting right colour of the eye lenses is the toughest part. And a good way to start selecting a right colour is to look in your closet. You can think about few questions like what colour of clothing do you think you love to wear the most or which colours you like to wear most often and people compliment you. An appropriate answer of these questions will surely give you a good idea about which contact lenses will suit you well. People who have warm skin tones like yellow or gold undertones and yellow-blond or golden brown hair colour can buy contact lenses that include highlights of light brown, honey, hazel and green shades. People who have cool skin tones like blue undertones and strawberry blond, blue-black hair colour, look good in ice blue, violet or plum.

Prescription for Coloured Contact Lenses

People who want to change the colour of their eyes can easily correct vision simultaneously with contact lenses. On the other hand, as your wish, if you just want to change the colour of your eyes without any kind of effect on your vision, you can choose lenses accordingly. Generally, these lenses are famous as ‘plano’ lenses, although most of the people preferred to as ‘zero power’ lenses. Prescription coloured contact lenses mostly can have zero power. People who are planning to buy coloured contact lenses must buy them from reputable manufacturers. If one is planning to go to party shops, then you might be enticed to buy innovative contact lenses which include cat eye contact lenses, contact lenses with flags or black out contact lenses that are designed to give you a gothic appearance. These coloured contact lenses work same as normal contact lenses and you need same maintenance and care to preserve these lenses as well. Yes, coloured contact lenses are purely safe as long as they are properly approved, used and cared for. You need a contact lens prescription to buy coloured contacts legally. These contact lenses are available at varied prices as per different brands and are also accessible online.

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