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Embrace the vintage inspired eyeglasses

Like any other accessory, eyeglasses also keep changing with the latest fashion trends. The hottest fashion trend at the moment is the vintage inspired eyeglasses. With a touch of mod and a dash of class, they have transcended from the traditional geeky style to being a hot fashion accessory.


For centuries, eyeglasses have been an integral part of our lives. From magnifying glasses or crystals to the first riveted scholarly spectacles and from the 17th century lorgnettes to the ultra-modern fashionable eyeglasses, spectacles have really come a long way.

Eyeglasses can make you look chic instantly. They can make you look as cool as Johnny Cash or as glamorous as Audrey Hepburn. Nothing speaks more about your unique sense of individuality than a pair of eyeglasses.

The eyewear journey

Over the years, we have witnessed a variety of styles of eyeglasses come and go. But they do not just vanish into thin air. In fact, as we all know, history has a way of repeating itself and so do eyeglasses. In recent times, we have seen the retro-chic eyeglasses trending in the runways and streets, and among celebs and street fashionistas.


Integrating modern into the classic, the retro-chic eyeglasses are what is trending right now. Emanating an aura of timeless style, these trendy eyeglasses are hot favourites in the fashion industry at the moment. These eyeglasses truly complement and complete your stylish look.

Curious about which type of frames are trending right now?

Well, let’s take a look at what hot trends the fashion world is witnessing nowadays. Straight out of the ramp is the exciting vintage style eyeglasses, which are inspired by the iconic designs of the 60’s and 70’s eyewear. While staying true to the classic designs, these eyeglasses have a contemporary flair to them. Incorporated into the frames are bold and colourful, yet elegant designs and detailing on them.

Follow the eyewear trends

Wayfarer frames have had an arduous journey in the fashion world. They have been in oblivion for quite some time. But for now, they are basking in the limelight. From a glossy acetate frame featuring colourful streaks or fun prints to the retro tortoise design or a translucent pastel hued frame, these Wayfarer eyeglasses have become must-have fashion accessories.

A unique way to stand out in the crowd is by sporting a pair of perfect round or oversized round frames. They do add a little oddity to your looks, for sure. These frames are available in unique patterns with a touch of mod to them. The retro-inspired cat-eye glasses with metallic or pastel hued frames are hot favourites too.

This season, the eyewear trends are all about fine details and patterns. All you have to do to look classy is pick out a timeless pair of eyeglasses. But to keep up with the latest fashion trends, don’t be afraid of bright colours or patterns. Look trendy and fashionable this season by getting a pair of a chunky Wayfarer eyeglasses or a cool pair of round eyeglasses.

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