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Eyes and Their Protection

A healthy mind resides in a healthy body. If any part of the body does not function properly, it becomes very difficult to carry out our daily activities. You can hit the gym to keep your body fit, but what would you do to keep your eyes sound and healthy? Eyes play a vital role to enable you to see the world. Most of the time we do not bother taking care of them. They are exposed to the sunlight and dirt unprotected. If we notice, our eyes are prone to a lot of things which can harm them. They are delicate and precious so it is important to take proper care of them.

Common Endangers

Most of the times, eyes are put at risk due to various environmental factors and activities carried out by people. Light from the sun is the first thing that the eyes perceive when they open up. The ultraviolet rays which reach the eyes are harmful and can damage your visionary power. They can also lead to development of certain cataracts.

Eyes are always susceptible to dust and dirt. Activities like drilling and digging can make particles enter the eyes and damage them. They can injure or irritate the eyes.

You can unintentionally come in contact with sharp objects like branches of trees and corners of objects which can hurt your eyes. You can have minor cuts or your cornea can be damaged leaving you in a constant state of worry.

Fumes from chemicals and sprays can penetrate deep into the eyes and cause irreversible injury. It can damage the outer surface of the eye and in severe cases lead to loss of vision.

Irritants and corrosives are other hazards to the eyes. The tissues in eyes can be damaged causing your vision to decay.

Formulate the Best Defences

Basic safety measures can be followed to defend ourselves against hazards. If the possible source of the threat is taken care of, most of the injuries can be avoided.

Protective shields and guards should be installed to prevent the particles from coming in contact with the eyes. Sources of dusts and vapours and fumes should be enclosed or should be properly ventilated. Hazardous activities that involve chemicals and corrosives should be carried out separately in isolation.

The risk of further damage to eyes can be prevented by including certain eye care regimes in our daily lives and wearing protective eye gears.

1. Use sunglasses to protect your eyes from the harmful UV radiation emitted by the sun. They offer good protection and allow you to see clearly. Ensure that the sunglasses are light in weight and fit you well. Look for an impressive lens and frame quality so that they give you the best of protection and style.

2. The light conditions around you are an important factor which determine the wellness of your eyes. If the light is too harsh, you can wear eye gears but too little light can also be dangerous for the eyes. It will strain your eyes and cause problems with depth perception. Therefore, it is always advisable to perform any activity like reading, in proper lighting conditions.

3. Give your eyes some rest. Do not stare at screens continuously. Maintain a good distance while working on the computer or watching television.

4. Its important to eat healthy as they prevent dry eyes and macular degradation. Eat foods rich in Vitamin A like green leafy vegetables.

5. Quit addictions like smoking and drinking. Smoking increases the risk of eye damage and accelerates the development of cataracts.

6. Do not rub your eyes if any particle enters them. Rinse your eyes with water and sleep well so that your eyes don’t strain and retain their moisture.

7. Regular check ups are necessary to keep eyes healthy. They help in detecting vision related disorders. All problems can be corrected if they are properly diagnosed at an early stage.

Eyes are an important part of our body. They enable us to see things around us, so their protection and safety is our concern. We should take all measures to keep them healthy and safe so that they are not harmed. Some good changes in our lifestyles can make us live better and see better.

2 Responses to “Eyes and Their Protection”

  1. rohit says:

    How true are the facts said! I’m much of a brat and loiter around in my house and outside. I play around with things without even thinking that they could hurt me, especially my eyes. So, one fine day (bad day actually), when I actually got hurt near my eye with some small tree branch, I started reading a few articles on the net to pass my time. While my mom constantly nagged me to change my ways and keep some control, I was finding ways to run around wild, without hurting myself again obviously. One great option that came to my rescue was wearing sunglasses. I can wear them while I play, so protection-check, mom happy-check, and yes..I will be careful. Lol!

  2. niharika says:

    I’m totally engrossed in my modern ways of living. Computers, alcohol, (even smoking at times), constitute a usual day for me. I never bothered about my drying eyes before I just happened to read this article. Well now, I know how much harm I already did. But I thank you for making me aware and saving me of further harm. Now, I know what to do and what not. Live better, see better! Eh!


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