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How Fastrack Revolutionized Youth Eyewear

Fastrack was launched in 1998 as a sub-brand of Titan. It was spun off as an independent brand of watches targeting the urban youth in 2005. Since then, it has infiltrated the lives of India’s youth with designs that were refreshingly different and affordable. After tasting success with watches, the brand jumped headlong into the sunglasses business and in the last 4 years, has deservedly earned the title of being the largest sunglasses brand in the country.

The market until then was unorganized and fragmented. Often the youth used to head to the underground and street markets, buying cheap, unbranded sunglasses of substandard quality as they had no choice! Branded sunglasses were mighty costly back then and youngsters had puny wallets. Fastrack proactively bridged this gap and started providing genuine sunglasses made from technologically advanced material and lenses at affordable prices. Since then, people have been thronging to their stores and picking up high on glamour, up-to-date sunglasses from Fastrack.

Their philosophy of energy and the ebullience is reflected in their advertisements and eyewear designs.

Fastrack Campaigns

As part of its mission to offer good quality, fashionable sunglasses to the youth, the brand has always come up with campaigns and designs that have caused quite a stir and were revolutionary well before the hashtag era.

Presenting sunglasses and accessories as an affordable indulgence that lets the youth experiment with their looks, they launched the “how many you have” campaign. With the affordability of their collection, one could actually own them in plurals.

Their other more hard-hitting like “move on” and “hot or not”, which is one of the most trending ones in the social media, have portrayed a culture stemming from the need for acceptance among the youth.

Matching and wearing is another tenet publicized by the brand in which they encourage youngsters to match and coordinate sunglasses with their bags, watches and attire.

Innovative products

When it comes to product design, Fastrack has not shied away from bold colours and styles reflecting the tastes of their target consumers. Moreover, these were available at reasonable prices starting at Rs.699. Fastrack recently launched its collection of Tees sunglasses which is all about basic wayfarer frames in stylish

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