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Make Your Move with Fastrack Sunglasses

Ever since the brand was first launched in 1998 as a sub-brand  of Titan, Fastrack took no time to infect the masses with its totally snazzy range of bags, watches, sunglasses, belts and wallets etc. With completely crazy, innovative, modern and out of the box advertisements, it connects with the youth of today. It infiltrates the lives of India’s youth with smart sunglasses. Fastrack is infused with a breath of fresh air, the products are refreshingly different and desirable. As the brand grows, it moves ahead in its mission to provide the youth everything they need to get cooler and better.

Fastrack offers six varieties of sunglasses in its collection such as Campus, Army, Bikers, Summer Sport and Fell. More series of Fastrack eye gear include Acid, City Silk and Revv. Each of them reflects a different attitude and feel. You can have eye gears from Fastrack in various colours such as cool blues, ambers, light oranges, classic blacks and more. The frames of these eye gears are made from corrosion resistant materials such as stainless steel, grilamide and magnesium aluminium alloy. They are designed to fit comfortably. These sun glasses offer 100% UV protection. Moreover, lenses are constructed from a very high quality optical grade polycarbonate. It maintains an international standard for quality, vision distortion, UV protection and impact resistance.

Fastrack for Men and Women

The bold and lively features of the brand add more vibrancy to your lives and bring a change in the attitude of the people today. They’re wicked, still funny at the same time. It doesn’t believe in brooding over something that’s gone but in playing the game your way and moving ahead. It seems to be inspirational in an uncommon way. That is why I believe, it has “move on” as it’s tag line.

Here are a few models from Fastrack sunglasses:

Fastrack Sunglasses Girls – Model:C048BR1F

FASTRACK SUNGLASSES GIRLS - MODEL:C048BR1FFastrack brings these light blue and purple coloured sunglasses for girls. They smartly protect you from the harsh rays of the sun and give you a cool look. They are perfect for a casual day out or college goers.

Fastrack P188BR1F Dark Brown Sunglasses

Wear these dark brown sunglasses to get an unmatched style. This black full rim structure with broad temples give ultimate comfort and protection. The cat’s eye style gives the wearer a bold and unique look.

Fastrack M091BR2 Copper Brown-09Y Men Sunglasses

FASTRACK M091BR2 COPPER BROWN-09Y MEN SUNGLASSESMade for men, these sunglasses provide a comfortable wearing experience and are super stylish. The copper brown coloured lens is held firmly by the full rim frame. Smooth nose pads and bold temples add to the features of these sunglasses.

If you are still untouched by the Fastrack fever, you can check out it’s official website and feel the virus gushing in your blood stream. There are a multitude of styles, frames and lenses to choose from. Totally eye catchy is its style which makes it perfect for casual hangouts and college goers. Boost up your esteem and give your life a new kick start with sunglasses and other products from Fastrack.

New age sunglasses

The sunglasses market was earlier dominated by expensive and branded designer sunglasses. Fastrack has always made a sincere effort to bridge the disparity between the sellers and the payers by providing a good combination of style, eye protection and affordability. The price range for Fastrack eye gears in India is set between Rs. 895 to above Rs.2000. This is a very affordable range when compared with same category products from other reputed brands.

You can get the best of Fastrack sunglasses at their stores and also on online sites which make them available. is one good name where you can surely find them. Get them at the most reasonable prices. You will never have to worry about the delivery, payment and warranty related issues of the product.

So, don’t wait and move on, buy Fastrack which unleashes the new you.

2 Responses to “Make Your Move with Fastrack Sunglasses”

  1. megha says:

    I have always liked Fastrack because of it’s cool advertisements. I’m just like the one in them, I move on. Though I own a lot of Fatrack products like watches and bags, my favourite are a pair of shades. They are cool and funky and I like wearing them to college and when going out with friends. They are comfortable, plus I got them at a fabulous price from this site.

  2. arjun says:

    I bought Fastrack sunglasses from this site. I received my order in the expected time. It was a very smooth process and I had to worry about nothing. My product was packed properly and after opening it, I was more than happy to see my sunglasses. When ordering online, there is always little fear as there is no physical contact with the product, but this site answeres all my questions and removed my doubt.
    The best part was that i got to try them on with the help of a virtual mirror.


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