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Match persona with your glasses

When we  go for eyewear shopping, the most important attributes that we consider while choosing the perfect frame are our fashion sensibilities and the shape of the face. Our eyeglasses reflect our personality and are the markers of our stylish self. The eyewear we choose to carry creates an image of what we believe in and what we reject. But more often than not, we forget to match our eyewear with our individuality and the occasion we are going to attend. Both of these factors should be a prime concern while choosing our eyewear.

So, whether you are a busy businessman who has hundreds of clients to deal with or a college-going hipster, or a creative writer with an ambitious demeanor, make sure you opt for a pair which reflects your character as much as it talks about your profession. With the eyewear industry coming up with quirky frames for every season, there’s a lot in store for all the sophisticated men out there. Let’s have a look at the assortment of eye frames for men.

For the business honchos

For men who spend most of their time working on deadlines, targets and goals, a pair of conventional eyeglasses crafted in metal materials will be suitable to define the corporate persona. Since it is essential to look confident  among a huge variety of prospective clients, eyeglasses in classic frames of ovals, rectangles and almonds will be the best choice. Also, if it’s about the right kind of corporate attitude, playing with colours is not a good idea. Shades of gold, silver, gunmetal, brown, grey black are a good choice for the business honchos.

If you don’t want to look too simple, you can pick eyeglasses carved using Titanium or Stainless Steel in a rimless frame.

For the artistic souls

Unusual and quirky geometric designs crafted using thick plastic eyewear materials are the quintessential preference for the creative and artistic men. If creativity is your forte, you have the advantage of playing with distinctive and vibrant colours such as  blue, green and purple.

Retro and vintage, these eyeglasses will work their magic for men with a creative bent of mind.

For the geeky youngsters

It is during the college days that young boys create an identity for themselves by way of what they  wear. Whatever field of study you choose you have the liberty of experimenting with quirky and unconventional shapes and sizes. Geek-chic, retro, as well as contemporary frames with a sober and intellectual style will do the trick.

Adding bright shades to your quirky frame can also be a blessing in disguise.

Dual hues of persona

For men who like to don a funky persona on the weekends, away from their office work and hectic schedule, a pair of sporty sunglasses or eyeglasses is the best pick to pep up their weekend warrior look. Sporty eyewear embedded with bright or neon colours with stripes and modern combinations of metal and plastic materials should be your pick.

Now you know what fashion to follow the next time you plan to invest in a pair or two for yourself.

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