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Never pretend, be yourself

Here’s a journey of the Ray-Ban sunglasses from the very first to the very latest, with all its advertisement campaigns and icons and divas, who wear it. Ray-Ban’s collection of sunglasses encourages individuals to be true to themselves and love whoever they are.

“Never pretend. Never be afraid. Never give up. Never hide.”  Latest campaign of Ray-Ban encourages the targeted audience not to pretend, hide or give up but to always follow their dreams. From making anti-glare sunglasses for the Aviation officers in 1930s, Ray-Ban became a household name. From basic to stylish eye protectors, this brand changed the view of the world through its sunglasses.

First sunglasses that were launched by this company were the Aviators. These glasses became the symbol of class and style. 1930s and 1940s were the age of elegance and Ray-Ban defined this class in the eyewear category of fashion circuits. Rock ‘n’ Roll icons and Hollywood divas completed their look, with panache, with Ray-Ban sunglasses.

Two unique Ray-Bans

Best known for Wayfarers and Aviators, Ray-Bans were sported by everlasting icons such as Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, James Dean and Bob Dylan. Ray-Ban is not only a brand of famous people. Its Outdoorsman collection is made for the specific groups of hunting, fishing and sports enthusiasts and features a top bar called ‘sweat bar’ which protects the eyes from the sweat accumulated during these physical, outdoor activities.

During the 60s, Ray-Ban came with a new style of sunglasses and gained fresh prominence. It was named Jackie Ohh, after Jacqueline Kennedy, the First Lady of America. However, Jackie Ohh glasses could never gain the same popularity as Aviators and Wayfarers.

Ads that spell a charm

In March 2007, Ray-Ban’s new campaign ‘Never Hide’ was launched. It consisted of a series of YouTube videos and short films, which encouraged its targeted audience to live their life with authenticity and without any fear of judgement. They asked them not to hide and live life on their own rules. With new campaign came new series of sunglasses — Clubmaster, Justin, Erika, Cats and many more.

  •       AVIATORS:

Part of the icon collection of Ray-Ban collection. Aviators have been here since the starting of the brand. These glasses are a hallmark of aviation officers and many Hollywood and Bollywood icons.


  •       WAYFARERS:

These glasses were made famous by the celebrities such as Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, Bob Dylan and many more in India as well. Trend of this style has not diminished even once since its inception more than 50 years back.


  •       CLUBMASTER:

These glasses are part of Icon family and were launched with the Never Hide campaign. These glasses have only half frame and are much lighter than the Wayfarers and other collections. It is an amalgamation of vintage and modern look.


  •       CATS:

The Cats collection of Ray-Ban sunglasses is inspired from the Jackie Ohh collection. Oversized lens with plastic frame, these glasses are full of glamour.


  •       HIGHSTREET:

A family on its own, this collection is a mixture of vintage yet trendy new looks. With its metal as well as plastic frames and new-age lenses, HighStreet has given trend a new definition.


  •       RARE PRINTS:

Rare prints collection is a world on its own. Released in 2011, the prints on these glasses range from Flower prints to Subway to Patchwork to art designs by various artists.



Part of new releases, this collection is made for individuals with a high active life. Whether in sports or other outdoor activities, these sunglasses are for ultimate winners.


  •       TECH:

These sunglasses are new technology glasses with high-tech lens and modern frames for Gen X and Y. The frame of this collection is extremely lightweight, sturdy, flexible and exceptionally durable.

With their variety of styles, Ray-Ban has become a household name not only in the USA, but across the world. Since its launch in 1936, Ray-Ban has not looked back. It has grown from miniscule, yet iconic Aviators to rare prints in rare colours and its Gen Y tech collection. Ray-Ban is not just a brand of sunglasses but a class in its league.

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