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Oakley Sunglasses: Better Vision, Better Style

Your Eyes are Precious

Once, the great philosopher Henry David Thoreau said, “The eye is the jewel of the body”. The quote is quite true as the eyes are one of the most delicate organs of human body, therefore people have to take various precautions to protect their precious eyes from outer harms. In the present fashion savvy world, everyone experiments to look more stylish and attractive in the eyes of others. It’s not just about their outfits but people love to do experiments with their eyes as well. One thing which comes out of these experiments is that people of this modern world want to look perfect in every way.

To fulfill the requirements of people all around the world, there are numerous brands that offer various types of sunglasses in the market. The best thing about these high end goggles is that they just not enhance your over all personality but also give a complete protection to your valuable eyes from harmful UV rays, dust as well as dirt. Amongst all the brands, one such brand that has left all its competitors well behind is Oakley. This renowned brand has its own special place in the eyewear market as well as in the heart of its users due to the attractive designs, unique shapes and world class performance of its products.

Get Caged with the vast History of Sunglasses

Turning the pages of the history of the goggles, one will find that it was Nero- the Roman Emperor who first used the ancestors of sunglasses in the form of emerald while watching Gladiatorial fights. Later, in the year 1752, it was James Ayscough who designed the first version of the shades that were made with blue and green colours of tinted glasses. It was the 20th century when the uses of these quality goggles were increased swiftly as people of various classes such as aristocratic and middle came out to look for something stylish to cover their eyes. Numbers of brands showed their interest in manufacturing various types of quality sunglasses for men, women as well as kids. Looking at the current situation of the market, one can easily find that one of the most reliable and trust worthy brands is Oakley, which is striving to produce goggles which are superior in designs, perfect in shapes and eye catching colour combination. All these Oakley sunglasses are the perfect eye wears in the aspect of protection as well as style.

During the year 1975, this well known brand was established by Jim Jannard in California (USA) who named the company after his pet- Oakley. The first pair of goggles with O frame which was launched in the market by the company during the year 1980. It was just the beginning for the brand that later manufactured or designed some other types of sunglasses for the people of every class which included ski goggles, Factory Pilot Eyeshades and Frogskin. Since the time when this prestigious brand came into existence, Oakley sunglasses have made a very special place in the heart of its user with its modern features and designs. Talking on the brand’s product line, one can find a wide array of sunglasses which don’t just provide comfort to your valuable eyes but also boost your personality. The quality of this brand is that it always gives you various options to choose and pick the best of the goggles as per your needs and requirements.

 Oakley’s Sunglasses Loved By all

The brand’s popularity can be noticed by this fact that it is worn by some of the best known personalities of the world, which includes Formula One driver- Kimi Raikkonen, New York Surfer Balaram Stack, wo-time Olympic gold medalist- Shaun White, Baseball player- Ichiro Suzuki, Dorien Walker, Lance Armstrong, Ricky Carmichael, James “Bubba” Stewart, Gretchen Bleiler, Ian Poulter, Rory McIlroy, Juan Pablo Montoya, Dario Franchitti, Ryan Sheckler, Lolo Jones, Jordy Smith, Michael Jordan, David Duval, Jon Olsson and Eric Koston. Apart from this fact, the brilliance of this renowned brand has made it the official partner of the 2012 Olympic Games which will be held in London. Oakley Sunglasses not just belong to any one particular class as its wide range gives a perfect option to people of all the classes. There are many qualities with these Oakley Sunglasses that makes them highly demandable. These goggles are quite light in weight as these quality eye wears are made up of finest quality materials. Due to this, these goggles also provide long lasting performance and maximum level of comfort. One can also find the best quality of glass lenses with these Oakley sunglasses which protect your eyes from various types of infections. It’s not just the choice of common people but is quite popular amongst the US combat troops as well.

These goggles under the umberalla of the brand Oakley have also seen in the Hollywood flicks like Mission: Impossible 2, Blade II, Black Hawk Down, Spider-Man, Wanted, G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra, The Book of Eli, G.I. Jane, Green Zone, X-Men series and many more. It’s not just the foreigners who have worn these sunglasses but Indian renowned personalities like Yuvraj Singh were also seen wearing or endorsing the brand. These high end sunglasses are available in various shapes such as Aviatorovalsquare and rectangular with well shaped and designed temples as well as stylish frames.

Where to Buy the best pair of  Oakley Sunglasses from? 

There are numbers of exclusive showrooms and leading retail outlets of this pioneer brand all over the world where one can go and choose his or her best pick from its vast range. To make shopping more convenient and enjoyable, there are various online shopping portals through which you can also buy your favourite goggles at discounted prices. Before making the mind to buy any of these Oakley sunglasses, people can also check out its latest collection on brand’s official website. So, protect your beautiful eyes from scorching heat, high transmission lights or reflections as well as dust and dirt with these superbly designed Oakley sunglasses. Buy sunglasses for yourself and make your near and dear ones envy of you.

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