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Optical Frames: Your Choice, Your Style

Eyeglasses or Sunglasses have frames that holding lenses worn in front of the eyes. They are normally used for vision correction or for eye protection. Other types of glasses can be used for viewing visual information or simply just for aesthetic or fashion purpose. A good pair of eyeglasses is an important investment nowadays, for you are going to wear them for a long time. We all want that perfect pair of glasses to look and feel great. From bold and trendy to sophisticated and business-like, every person chooses different types of optical frames that will best suit their personality. Optical frames are made to hold the lenses and that too in different ways. Today, optical glass frame manufacturers offer a wide array of attractive frame designs. Every face and every eye has its own unique features and considering all this you need to find the best one that enhances your look and your style. From shapes to colors to materials used, there is a large collection of frames in market to suit every need.


Today’s this and light lenses call for thin and lightweight frames to increase the benefits. There are various types of optical frames available in the market that are right for your lenses, fit your lifestyle and look great on you.


Extremely lightweight, non-corrosive, hypoallergenic and strong titanium frames are one of the best frame materials available. It is strong, easy to adjust and are available in varied colours. Due to its strength, they are best suitable for hot an humid environments.


These frames come in a variety of colours, textures and patterns. The adjust-ability of the plastic frames depends on the plastic used. Some are easy to adjust with little or no heat while others are durable and impact-resistant. These frames are great for sports.


Metal frames are lightweight, strong and can easily hold their shape. Available in varied colours, these frames are made of aluminum, cobalt, Monel, nickel silver, phosphor bronze, or trilam.

Styles of Frames:

There are various types of frames available in the market which are quite famous among the people across the world:


Full rimmed glasses have the frame go all around the lenses.


Half-rimmed means the frames that go around only half the lens, typically to the top and its side near the top.


Rimless glasses have no frame around the lenses and are directly connected to ear stems.

Special frame features to look for:

Nowadays, optical frames come up with some special features to provide extreme comfort to the wearer. For they are going to wear it for a long time.

Spring Hinges:

They are present to hold the frames in such an alignment, to keep the look new feel for a longer period of time.

Silicone nose pads:

To provide a no slip-grip and extreme comfort to the wearer these nose pads are now used in the manufacturing of most of the optical frames.

Magnetic sun clips:

They are used to create sunwear in a snap and prevent UV damage.

Flex Pads:

It is used to cushion the nose to prevent irritating red marks. Select the best frames for your face Always keep in mind three basic rules to select the best frame for your face type:

  • Optical frames should always be directly proportion to your face size.
  • Round face will look best in frames with some angles.
  • Angular face will look best in frames with some curves.

It is never easy to select the perfect optical frame to complement the shape of your own face. Here are five basic face types along with suggestions for the best frame shapes for each of them.


Optical frames with a geometric interest such as modified rectangles, gently angled teacup shapes, some cat eyes or soft square are best suited for the face with full cheeks and lots of curves.


An optical frame with gently rounded looks such as ovals, almonds and curved cat eyes are best suited for a face with chiseled features and defined cheekbones.

Base down triangle:

Try optical frames with strong horizontal lines or with details and accents that draw attention to the top half of the frame and face that will suit the face with wide bottoms and narrow top.

Base up Triangle:

ide cheeks and narrow chin, try rimless style optical frames in very light colour and materials. Oval: Feel free to try new and trendy and can carry any look. Just keep the optical frames in proportion to your face size. Best colours for your skin tone:The frame colour depends mostly on the look you want to carry.

  • The “No glasses” look- try rimless or half rimmed in colours that will perfectly suit your skin tone ( light frames for fair skin and darker for darker tones)
  • The “Please notice my eyes” look-Try rimless, half rimmed or full front in colours that are fairly close to your skin tone.
  • The “Hey! I am wearing glasses” look- For this bold look, go for darker frames for fair skin and light frames for darken tone.

optical framesWhen you shop for optical glasses, take your own time and try as many frames as you can and allow the optician to assist you and advise you. Show your favorite choices to your partner or friends and try to seek advice from them who see you a lot and who knows what suits you best. Most importantly, make sure that your glasses are comfortable and you like the way they look on you. Shopping for your optical frames online has now become a low cost option for many people that are tired of the optical industry’s sky high prices. Everyone knows that eyes are one of the most delicate, yet functional part of the body which has to be protected at any cost. is a web shop which strives to meet your high expectations for optical frames. Buying optical frames from here, you will automatically be introduced to all the other amazing features we offer, such as cash on delivery, easy EMI’s, huge discounts along with 14-days free return policy. The product will be delivered at your doorstep within 3-7 days of purchase giving you excellent customer service.

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