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Pairing you with perfect sunglasses

Before buying a pair of sunglasses, there are several factors to consider. The important factors to keep in mind are the shape and size of the frames, the benefits of the lenses and how much can they protect your eyes. But being one of the most popular accessories, they should also be stylish and most importantly, they should suit you very well too.

Donning a perfect pair of sunglasses can express so much about you, without saying a word. Sunglasses are very fashionable and they can be quite beneficial too. Not only will they make you look trendy, sunglasses can also protect your precious eyes to a big extent too.

Choosing and buying the perfect pair of sunglasses may seem like a task. With advanced optical technology, there is a vast array of lenses and frames to choose from, which makes your task tougher.

Following are some basic tips, which will help guide you to acquire the perfect pair of sunglasses.

Specially made for you

Before making a purchase, keep in mind some basic information about sunglasses. This will help you a great deal. With the varied options available, you can prioritize your needs and choose the sunglasses which work best for you.

Face shapes define your choice

Buying an ill-fitting pair of sunglasses is heartbreaking. So, determining your face shape before buying a pair of sunglasses is essential. This will help you to get the pair which suits you best. There are five basic face shapes.

  • Square – They have a strong jaw line and broad forehead with high prominent cheekbones.

Best choice: Round or oval frames like an over-sized Jackie O


  • Heart – Also known as triangle-shaped face, they are characterized by wide forehead, narrow jaw line and pointed chin.

Best choice: Cat-eyed frames or round frames


  • Oblong – They are known to be narrow and long from the forehead to the chin, with very less angles.

Best choice: Over-sized round frames


  • Round – A round-shaped face is very common. The width and length of a round face are the same.

Best choice: Rectangular or square shaped frames like a Wayfarer


  • Oval – Known to be the perfect face shape, oval-shaped faces have well-balanced features with narrow chin and high cheek bones.

Best choice: Any type of frame will suit this face shape


Do they have UV block?

A pair of sunglasses should always come with UV protection. The best quality sunglasses can block 99 to 100% of harmful UV rays. There are two types of UV rays. The UVB rays are extremely dangerous and are known to have adverse affects. The UVA rays, on the other hand, are less intense. Either ways, one should not be unprotected when exposed to the UV rays. UV rays can be the primary cause of cataracts and photokeratitis. It doesn’t matter how old a person is, sunglasses with UV protection lens are a must.

Material matters

The lenses on a pair of sunglasses play a very important role. One should be wary of the materials and technology used for the lenses, as they can have a great deal of influence on the vision quality. Lenses are usually made of glass, plastic or polycarbonate based materials. There are specialized coatings which can be added on the lenses for protection and to give better vision.

Of the different lens colours available, black is the most popular colour. However, pick sunglasses in hues that will compliment your feature and style the best.

With hundreds of frames, it is an arduous chore to look for the best. The size, weight, durability and style are some of the things to consider. The frames are usually made of metal or plastic. Nowadays, light and shock-proof frames are considered to be the best options.

Another thing to consider is the suitability of the frame for your face. Each individual has a unique face shape. There are certain types of frames which suit each face shape. The appropriate frames accentuate the best features of your face. All you have to do is determine your face shape and find out which frames suits you best.

With these things in mind, buying the perfect pair of sunglasses is now fairly easy. Go ahead, get the best pair of sunglasses for you and flaunt the unique you on the streets.

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