Perceive better with Cooper Vision contact lenses

Contact lenses are the major fashion accessory used by the fashion conscious youngsters suffering from various eye problems. Keeping these in mind, Cooper Vision has presented collection of optical products for the protection of your eyes.

Cooper Vision contact lenses are something which not only enhance your peripheral vision but also change the colour of your eyes. Contact lenses often called as “contacts” are used for various cosmetic or therapeutic reasons. These are a type of medical devices used for vision correction. Contact lenses are the best choice for people who want to live their precious life without compromise. Considered as one of the most excellent vision correction options, Cooper Vision Contact lenses change the entire look of the wearer.

The history of contact lenses is really interesting. Italian inventor, artist and scientist Leonardo da Vinci, for the first time proposed the idea of contact lenses for vision correction. Further, he also described the use of lenses in altering corneal power. It was Rene Descartes of France who proposed the impracticable concept of contact lens in the year 1636. After studying Rene Descartes model, Thomas Young, in 1801 made a pair of contact lenses. He completely examined the model of Descartes and for the first time used it for correcting his own vision. But unfortunately, these microscopic lenses offered by Young failed in correcting refraction errors. After few years, famous English astronomers Sir John Herschel suggested a more appropriate way for making contact lenses. He started making a mold of the wearer’s eyes for designing perfect contact lenses. In the year 1887, famous German glassblower F.A. Muller used Herschel’s ideas and concept to invent the first eye covering. A.E. Fick, Swiss physician along with Optician Edouard Kalt designed first glass contact lenses for people suffering from nearsightedness and farsightedness eye disorders. In 1936, a New York Optometrist William Feinbloom by making the first plastic lens described the use of plastic in the making of contact lenses. Feinbloom’s lenses, made by William Feinbloom were the first lenses made by using both glass and plastic. Kevin Tuohy of California, after few years, manufactured soft lenses using poly methyl meth acrylate (PMMA). In the 19th century, Soft Contact Lens Revolution started. These difficult to wear Soft Contact Lenses were manufactured by simply improving the design of hard contact lens. First “corneal” lenses were developed in 1949 by making use of cutting edge manufacturing technology and innovative tools.

World renowned Bausch & Lomb was the first company in the United States to introduce first commercially available soft contact lens in the year 1971. In 1978, toric soft contact lenses were introduced for the correction of astigmatism. Later on, in 1999 after various experiments and discoveries disposable bifocal soft contact lenses were introduced in the optical market.

Contact lenses on the basis of function, material used, replacement schedule, and wearing schedule can be classified in various forms. On the basis of function, contacts are classified as corrective contact lens, cosmetic contact lenses and therapeutic contact lenses. For the correction of refractive error, corrective contact lens can be used while for changing the appearance of eyes; cosmetic contact lenses are the best. Further, the therapeutic contact lens is beneficial for the patients suffering from various non-refractive disorders of eyes. On the basis of material, contact lenses are classified as Rigid lenses, Soft lenses and Hybrid.

In the present era, for the people who want to live their life comfortably with style, various companies engaged in the manufacturing of fashionable opticals came into existence. These companies including Bausch & Lomb, Ciba Vision, Feelgood, Cooper Vision and Vistakon are associated with designing high quality eye care products. Buy contact lens from these renowned brands through various online stores at reasonable prices.

In this fashion oriented world, there are numerous brands associated with the manufacturing of eyeglasses and contact lenses according to customer’s specification and latest trends. Cooper Vision is one of the top brands engaged in the manufacturing and selling of contact lenses. Recently, the company introduced a collection of disposable lenses, daily, bi-weekly, monthly lenses, Toric lenses and Bifocal lenses for the people suffering from various eye disorders.

Primarily designed for correcting vision, Cooper Vision contact lenses are also used for correcting refractive errors. Further, Cooper Vision contact lenses also provide the best way for enhancing your appearance. Available in various colours and sizes, Cooper Vision contact lenses will completely change your look.

Cooper Vision contact lenses are widely appreciated by the medical experts for their long lasting life and durable nature. These easy to maintain lenses are advantageous for the people suffering from myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism and different eye disorders. Additionally, Cooper Vision contact lenses are also best to wear in ocular redness, irritation, and infection and various other mild and serious eye complications. Further, these Cooper Vision contact lenses are advantageous in case of neurotrophic keratoconjunctivitis, dry eyes, corneal ectasis, corneal abrasions and erosion, and anterior corneal dystrophy. Buy contact lens online from various Cooper Vision Shops at the most reasonable prices.

Recently, both adults and children are suffering from various eye disorders. There are several options used for the correction of vision whether you go for a surgery, purchase appropriate eyeglasses or simply use contact lens. In this fashionable world, contact lenses are the most appropriate option for the youngsters.

Cooper Vision contact lenses look great on various occasions whether it is a formal meeting or simply a wedding ceremony. You can wear these lenses for changing your appearance. Elegantly crafted using highly resistant and naturally water-loving material, Cooper Vision contact lenses maintain good eye health. You can wear these pair of fashion accessories with various casual apparels including sari, suit, jeans, trousers, etc. Further, Cooper Vision contact lenses also look great with formal attires.You can get these Cooper Vision contact lenses from the exclusive showrooms at best prices.

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