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Perfect Eye Care During Winters

Eyes Care in the Cold and Frigid Winter Season

winter sunglassesThe general perception of people is that during winter season you are not required to take care of your eyes. People do not feel the need to take care of their eyes and generally believe that eye care is required only during the summer season. But this is not at all right. Our eyes need to be protected at all times irrespective of the season. The harmful Ultra Violet rays can harm your eyes anytime whether winters or summers. In fact during the winter season our eyes are at a higher risk which can cause immense damage to the eye temporarily or permanently due to the UV rays. Therefore we need to be sure that we take the required steps as to keep our eyes protect from any kind of damage due to the UV rays emitted by the sun. Exposure to UV rays during winters can damage your eyes or cause eye disorders like cataract. Apart from the sun the cool breeze and dry air also damage our eyes. There are certain ways with which you can protect your eyes. During the winter season, the excessive usage of heaters causes the moisture of the air to dry which can cause irritation and dryness in your eyes. Therefore it is advised that you use a humidifier in your house during the winter season. This way you can prevent your eyes from drying. The UV rays emitted by the sun are also extremely harmful for the eyes. In case you use contact lenses, it is advised that you make sure to use artificial tears and avoid too much of exposure as well. You can also protect your eyes whenever you are out, by using sunglasses. The sunlight which reflects from the snow during winters can lead to sunburned eyes. Therefore whenever you go out of your house you must wear sunglasses. To make sure that you protect your eyes 100 %, make sure that your sunglasses are capable of blocking 99-100% of the UV rays. Overexposure of eyes to the UV rays emitted from the sun during winters can also cause temporary damage to the eye and cause photokeratitis. You are therefore advised to make sure that the quality of your sunglasses is of high standards.

How to Dress in Winters?

During winters you have to take extra care of yourself in order to stay fit and fine. Special care of eyes is highly important; you must make sure you are dressed according to the temperature outside. Since we know that the best way to keep eyes protected outdoors is to wear sunglasses, a little consideration needs to be given to the kind of attire you are carrying it with. The clothes you wear in winters should also match with your sunglasses so that you can keep up with the latest trends and keep yourself protected from the winter season at the same time.

Wear Sunglasses When out to Sun

eye protection from sunKeeping your eyes protected is highly important in summers as well as winters. Whether indoors or outdoors, your eyes are in constant threat and can be damaged before you realize. To avoid and protect your eyes you need to make sure of certain things, especially when you are outdoors and your eyes are directly exposed to harmful elements. The major threat to the eyes when you go out is that of the UV rays. Too much of exposure of the eyes can cause serious harm to them. It is therefore very important that you carry a pair of sunglasses whenever you’re out. Sunglasses are the best way to protect your eyes from the harmful UV rays emitted by the sun. The sunglasses you wear should be of good quality and should be able to block the harmful rays otherwise the purpose of wearing them will not be served. Eyes hold great importance in our life and should be kept protected and safe.


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