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Polarized your Vision

Polarized your Vision

Prehistoric Use Of Sunglasses

In ancient time or prehistoric time, people used to wear flat structured walrus ivory glasses, which had narrow slits to see and in this way, these ivory glasses block all the harmful reflected rays of the sun. It is believed that the Roman emperor Nero used to watch gladiator fights with emeralds. In the period of the 12th century, judges in some countries used to wear quartz sunglasses to hide their facial expression while delivering final judgment or questioning witnesses in the court. These quartz sunglasses made up from flat panes of quartz lenses efficiently protected the eyes from sun glare. The journey of polarized sunglasses started in the late 1930s by Ray Ban in the name of anti-glare sunglasses. To correct specific vision problems of eyes, blue or green-tinted lenses developed in the mid 18th century. The period of the 19th century proved to be a revolution period in the history of sunglasses as large number of giant brands came into existence in the international market. Various types of sunglasses like polarized sunglasses, photo chromatic sunglasses, designer sunglasses, aviator type sunglasses, wayfarer sunglasses, etc. gained a special place in the heart of millions of users and became a fashion statement of the youngsters. Nowadays, sunglasses in various styles with different frame designs are in trend among people and have become a fashion accessory for men and women alike

Look smart wearing Polarized sunglasses

Just imagine that you are standing on the beach of a calm lake in the early morning of a day. You will see a bright and glasslike mirrored surface on the water in a bad contrast and poor colour saturation. It is all due to the reflected glare of light rays that are coming into your eyes. The intense glare of radiations can be reduced as you slip on to your polarized sunglasses and the bright, faded and glass like mirror view turns into a clear scene that has deep colours and good contrast. Use of Polarized sunglasses protects your eyes from the harmful ultra violet radiations, glare and intense light. The reflection-free coating on the polarized lenses is ideal to use in the activities like fishing and driving. Polarized lenses used in Polarized sunglasses have the features to eliminate glare and block harmful ultraviolet rays as the filter on these lenses reduces the polarized glare and also has UV rays absorbing nature. You will experience the real perception of vision after wearing polarized sunglasses

Polarized sunglasses have gained a huge popularity amongst people like boaters, fishermen and skiers from a long time. Those who find it difficult to see clearly due to the reflected glare of sun radiations from the surface of water, snow or glass, polarized sunglasses proved to be an ultimate gift of optical science for these people. These polarized sunglasses are capable to reduce the entire reflected glare from the water, snow or glass which allows you to see the diverse and beautiful nature in a comfortable way. The nerves of your precious eyes don’t get strained through the usage of polarized sunglasses. Those who spend most of their precious time in outdoor activities, polarized sunglasses are best for them. Boaters, outdoor sports enthusiasts, skiers, bikers, golfers and joggers will get utmost benefit from polarized sunglasses and they can enjoy clearer sharp view of nature in the bracket and comfort and style. These polarized sunglasses can also be used by the riders or drivers with utmost ease. Light sensitive people or those patients who are suffering from post- cataract surgery will also get benefitted by these polarized sunglasses. Polarized sunglasses actually cut all the reflected glare and haze of light rays that makes you comfortable to see the nature in all its beauty. Reflected Light radiations from different surfaces like flat road, smooth water or glass is generally polarized in a horizontal direction. It causes annoying experience to your eyes by the direct exposure of intensity of light as a glare. Polarized sunglasses cut glare of light rays, so that your eyes can see in a better and comfortable way. A special filter is surfaced on the Polarized lenses that block the intense reflected light radiations. With the vision to improve comfort and visibility of the wearer’s eyes even in extreme glare conditions, polarized sunglasses came in the international market. Polarized sunglasses deliver great advantages in outdoor activities or sports and allow you to enhance your outdoor experiences with full excitement and fun. In the present scenario, various types of polarized sunglasses are available under the well known brand names like Vincent chase, Rayban, Oakley and many more with the blend of chic design and innovative technology. Polarized bifocal sunglasses or progressive lenses are useful for people suffering from presbyopia who also likes outdoor sports. Polarized photochromic lenses change their colour from light to dark after getting exposed to sun radiations. These Polarized photochromic sunglasses are suitable for the light-sensitive eyes. Importance of polarization of light rays can be illustrated from the fact that watching the 3-D movies also requires polarized lenses. One lens is to provide horizontal polarization and the other one provides vertical polarization, so that your eyes can see a different version of the movie screen

Right Place to Buy Polarized Sunglasses Online?

Polarized sunglasses are widely available in the international market in various designs and styles to satisfy the different fashion tastes of esteemed customer. Take some consideration about quality, originality, style, design, sizes and color in your mind before you are going to buy sunglasses from the market or online website. Large numbers of trusted e-commerce websites are available on the platform of internet that has huge portfolios of polarized sunglasses at a reasonable price range. Internet users can buy sunglasses online with just a click of a mouse and in this way they can save their precious time, money and energy. Payment of your final selection can be done through various payment modes such as credit card, debit card or internet banking

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