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Power Sunglasses: Power to become a Trendsetter

Power Sunglasses: Power to become a Trendsetter

Sunglasses are discrete part of every outfit whether you wear them because of eye sensitiveness or as a style statement. Various designs and builds are nowadays getting popular for all type of outfits whether it’s for men or women. Change is what makes it all possible in the fashion industry. Changes in the sunglasses industry are also gaining attention of the customers

Though, sunglasses had a dark history but they have a brilliant future. If the history of sunglasses is traced, it is seen that Roman Emperor, Nero used polished light emerald green gems held up to his eyes to watch gladiator competitions. Also, a close by use of sunglasses can be traced back to china. Chinese judges used sunglasses in the 12th century or possibly earlier. Those  Sunglasses  had flat panes of smoky quartz. As for their use, they had no corrective powers nor did they offer any protection from harmful UV rays but they did protect the eyes from glare. Ancient document describe the use of crystal sunglasses by judges in ancient Chinese courts to hide their facial expression during interrogation of the witnesses. Around the 14th century, vision-correcting eyeglasses were introduced by Italy in china. These sunglasses did not serving the purpose of protection from sun glare but they were darkened mainly for judicial use. Now to move ahead in history, James Ayscough experimented with tinted lenses in spectacles. Though they were not meant to serve the purpose of “Sunglasses” but Ayscough believed that blue or green-tinted glass could correct vision impairments as experiments did not had any concern regarding protection from the sun. The popularity of sunglasses was mainly seen in the 20th century because of the American military experiments. As the military personnel needed protection from dust and also the sun during war zone crisis, so American researchers oriented their concerns over the correction of spectacles to be dust and sun glare resistant.

Now moving on to the 20th century, the modern-type sunglasses are the power sunglasses which are beneficial in taking care of various eye impairments caused by dust and sun glare. Air field corps then commissioned an optical firm to produce effective sunglasses that would protect pilots from the imminent dangers of high-altitude hazards. Highly skilled physicists and opticians crafted a special dark-green tint glass that absorbed light in the yellow band of the spectrum and made it glare resistant. Polarized sunglasses were first brought up in 1936 by Edwin H. Land who used Polaroid filter in making sunglasses. Polarized filter discovery brought about a boom in the industry of power sunglasses. These sunglasses were not only designed for rough usage by army corps but also for the common people.

Now, in the 21 century there are a lot of changes in the making of sunglasses as they not only set a style statement for you but also make you a trendsetter amidst others. The unique power sunglasses with effective styling and firm built gives them rough as well as trendy look. This blend of design and strength brought a revolution in the eyewear family and many power sunglasses give a feel of uniqueness as you are not only getting fashionable but also protecting your eyes from harmful glare of the sun. Power sunglasses are made keeping the future in mind as they incorporate some new things with the built and design to provide customer satisfaction.

power sunglasses

Mesmerising pair of power sunglasses

Designers working on shades and design take different forms of the sunglasses and make them accompanied stuff in your daily trips and work. Power sunglasses are famous not only among the youngsters but also the army people follow the trend by blending it with their strong built attire in which the metal body frames and gunmetal shades suit their dominant personality. The Aviator shades from the year 1937 are till now famous among youth and army officials as these sunglasses flaunt a masculine look and provide the wearer that extra. Nowadays, the party people like to wear pair of sunglasses that suit their persona and make them look cool, so keeping this in mind, the power sunglasses are there to make you look cool and elegant among others.

The new designs of power sunglasses will be a blend of technology and unmatchable style. But work has to be done on them as they are just in prototype form. But in the near future the trend of sunglasses equipped with some tech-gadgets will transform the sunglasses industry. By doing so, the new sunglasses which are to be expected soon will have the facility not only for your eye impairments but also you can routinely check the medical status of your eyes.

With a boom in the marketing industry, many marketing sites now provide the facility to buy sunglasses online and also provide free shipping facility. This revolution in WWW marketing provides an easy access and reviewed suggestions of the sunglasses to the users who can easily search and buy sunglasses online. Most shopaholics who like to go out on weekends can also avail the facility of the retail stores present in different cities for easy availability.

With such a fine quality of work done on outlook and comfort, power sunglasses are now gaining customer attention and settling their feet in the market with passing time. A new era of eyewear will transform not only the looks of the person

power sunglasses

power sunglasses

but also enhance the overall lifestyle of the person. Also, with the increase in the hazardous environmental factors, it’s good to be equipped with power sunglasses for protection.

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