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Ray-Ban – It’s All About Style Regardless You Carry It The Right Way!

ray ban never hideThe creation of Ray-Ban in 1936, and the way the company ascended the stairs of fame and progression to become the leading eyewear brand today is quite dramatic. The first pair of Ray-Ban was designed when American General John MacCready while on a high altitude balloon flight permanently damaged his eyes. It was when he realized that the soldiers require special eyewear protection while on such flights. At his order in 1929, Ray-Ban designed a pair of gold-coated Aviator style of sunglasses that was fitted with anti-glare G15 lenses. The aim of producing these large curved frame glasses was to provide optimum protection to eyes at every angle from sun. The first design of Ray-Ban displayed the style and fashionable appeal, which caught the public interest.

Consequently in 1936, the first Ray-Ban plastic Aviator style was launched to public, that drew enormous acceptance for its high functional ability and fashion appeal. Later, in 1937, the brand name Ray-Ban was trademarked and officially launched. These Aviator glasses later gained popularity among the other branches of US military, and especially when General Douglas MacArthur donning a pair of shades was clicked as he landed in Philippines during World War II. Further, what took the brand to the zenith of fame was when in 1952 the legendary Wayfarer style glasses were launched. This style became the world’s best selling type of sunglasses, and soon Ray-Ban became the world’s leading eyewear brand.

So, as you see the dramatic beginning of the brand, how could then the spotlight not be grabbed by star world? Ray-Ban due to its dazzling style appeal and high functionality became popular and was rapidly featured on the silver screen. The Ray-Ban collections have made innumerable appearances in many iconic movies. Apart from films, the brand is also famous with celebrities and fashion scenes. Many A-listed celebrities have been spotted wearing the wayfarer style shades. Even if you find any great music band or a famous musician, it is plausible that the look will be completed with a pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses. Retaining the original quality and functionality, the entire collection of Ray-Ban is splashed with a burst of vibrant colours and a wild play of artistic designs. With so much going with the brand, Ray-Ban is the world’s leading brand of eyewear products, and clearly the choice of masses.

Ray-ban Collections

Ray-Ban sunglasses collection has total four popular styles – Aviator, Clubmaster, Jackie Ohh and world-famous Wayfarer. You can easily distinguish the Ray-Ban shades from those of the other brands just by their playful use of vibrant colours. The shades have the frame which is either full rimmed, half rimmed or rimless at all, and these are dubbed with some very beautiful and attractive colours such as, arista, gold, avana, grey, black, gunmetal, blue, red, brown, silver, ebony and yellow. The frames have lenses which are coated with UV 400 protective film. These lenses reflect or filter approximately 99 to 100 % of UVA and UVB light, and protect the eyes from getting harmed. Further, the wide frame of these googles gives the eyes optimum protection and is generally made with either metal or plastic.

The lens and frame both are designed with alluring colours. Aviator style sunglasses have striking models like RB3025 Aviator Large Metal, RB8029K Ultra Aviator, RB3026 Aviator Large Metal II, RB3044 Aviator Small Metal and RB8041 Aviator Titanium. Aviator class of shades have their lenses made from latest technology, main types are G-15XLT, GSM, mirror, photochromatic and chromatic. The frames under this collection are mainly of metal, are full rimmed and have sleek metallic temples.

Clubmaster collection of shades can be characterised by the distinct prints on the frames and temples of the specs. The lenses used in this collection are G-15XLT and mirror. These have frames made of plastic. Ray-Ban’s Jackie Ohh collection has distinguishable rectangular frame shapes. The collection has plastic frames, which has full rimmed glasses outlined by thick line of frame. The lenses for Jackie Ohh are APX and G-15XLT.

Then comes the most popular style sunglasses, Ray-Ban Wayfarer, which are the travellers’ specific class. The frames of this collection shades are made of plastic, but designed with mind-blowing colours and patterns. The beloved series under this collection are Patch Work, Surf Up, Blocks, London, Music and Folding. The lenses used in these shades are B-15XLT, G-15GLT, GSM, Mirror and Polarized. Wayfarer style shades are designed to suit all occasions and match up with all attires. Cats, Caravan, Predator, Outdoorsman, Olympian, Shooter, Signet, Balorama, Caribbean, Vagabond, Meteor and Laramie and are other classes that are newly released by Ray-Ban.

Ray-Ban Optical Collection

Under optical collection, Ray-Ban has several famed styles like Active Lifestyle, Highstreet, Icons and Tech.

Specifically made for men, Active Lifestyle has specs with transparent glasses; no colours added. But the frames holding the glasses with full rim and half rim, are splashed with beautiful sunset colours. These specs have their frames made with metal and plastic. Highstreet collection has eyewears designed for men as well as women. Frame material used is both metal and plastic; and glasses are purely transparent. The entire collection of Ray-Ban has mostly rectangular frames.

Icons and Tech classes in the optical collection have different frame shapes including rectangle, oval and round. Full rim, half rim or rimless, the eyeglasses have glasses with no colours but have frames dashed with striking colours. These collections have their skilfully designed frames made of metal, plastic or titanium.

Ray-Ban Lenses

Now we talk about the ‘lenses’, which are the main attribute of Ray-Ban spectacles and sunglasses. Whatever design or creativity the brand add to their collections, the lenses are the prime focus. Made from cutting-edge technology and dipped in the artistic palettes, the brand fits the innovative lenses into their iconic eyewears. The brand classifies its lenses into four broad categories. Lets discuss them in detail-

Classic Lenses:

This category comprises Green Lenses G-15 and Brown Lenses B-15. Green lenses by absorbing 85% of the visible light provides a better clarity of vision and ensures you an extraordinary colour contrast. You get a natural sight with green glasses under the proper light. But, if you have the low light condition around you, then brown lenses are best choice. Brown glasses ensure you the greater contrast and thus you get better sight in low light.

Gradient Lenses:

In this category, Ray-Ban provides two types of lenses. One is Crystal lens; these lenses are tinted on back by the use of high vacuum process. Further, in order to achieve an unhindered colour transitions, thin layers of oxides are coated onto the lenses. Other one is Plastic Lens. Owing to the latest chemical immersion process, the plastic lens brings out a quick, unperceived transition in shading from dark to light.

Special Lenses:

This includes Mirror and Legends. In Mirror lenses, the mirror coating is done where superheated metal oxides are fused to the lenses at molecular level. This gives the lenses a uniform layer which reduces the glare, and adds a unique look to the shades. Legend edition of lenses are embedded with high quality crystal that ensures protection from UV rays, and a brilliant colour contrast.

Polarized Lenses:

The polarized lenses are made in order to reduce the glares and brightness of shiny surfaces, like chrome, and water bodies. These lenses increase visual clarity, reduce straining of eyes and give you a remarkable colour contrasts.

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