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See the world in a whole new dimension

A thin sheet of plastic worn on the eyes, the contact lens is a device that has made vision clearer for many. It has also added a whole new dimension to the way we look at the world. Being hassle-free unlike spectacles, contact lenses have become mankind’s latest best friend.

These have become a part of modern-day use. Most people have stopped buying spectacles and are shifting their loyalty towards contact lenses as they are light and easy to carry. Not only do the contact lenses help in correction of vision, they are also used to add vibrant shades to your eyes.

There are various types of contact lenses available in the market. The categories being:-

  • Bifocal Contact Lenses – provide clear vision at various distances
  • Bifocal Contact Lenses for Astigmatism – correct both presbyopia and astigmatism
  • Colored Contact Lenses – give your eyes a subtle or dramatic change
  • Custom Contact Lenses – could work for you if all other options fail
  • Disposable Contact Lenses – enable a healthier lens-wearing experience
  • Extended Wear Contact Lenses – for safe overnight wear or naps
  • Gas Permeable (GP) Contact Lenses – for the ultimate crisp vision
  • Monovision – might work for you if bifocal contact lenses didn’t
  • Orthokeratology Lenses – enable contact lens-free vision during the day
  • Prosthetic Contact Lenses – mask eye injury or disfigurements
  • Scleral Contacts – for irregular corneas
  • Silicone Hydrogel Contacts – transmit more oxygen to your eyes
  • Special-Effect Contact Lenses– lend the vampire, goth, monster and anime looks
  • Toric Contact Lenses – provide good vision if you have astigmatism

Contact lenses are also divided on the basis of their use i.e. daily, weekly, monthly, bi-weekly, quarterly, and yearly.

Correcting vision is only one effect of the contact lens that we experience. On the other hand, these lenses come in different shades that can enhance the colour and style of your eyes. Special-effect contact lenses are also available for novelty use and are used extensively in theatrical and filmed productions. Prosthetic lenses are colored contact lenses that can cosmetically mask eye disfigurement. Many contact lenses come with an embedded UV inhibitor as well.

Are you convinced that the contact lenses is a thing to own? Before you make a hasty purchase, you must know about the disadvantages of the contact lens.

  • They can be easily lost
  • Fragile and prone to tearing
  • Fiddly to handle
  • Can be more expensive than regular spectacles
  • Require ongoing maintenance
  • Build-up of dust and debris
  • Degrade in quality over time
  • Risk of eye infection
  • Risk of scratches

Despite these setbacks, contact lenses are a huge hit among the young and savvy. Though they need extensive care, these lenses have still made it to many wearers’ homes. Online eyewear stores such as have various types of contact lenses on offer. A lot of research is also being made in this field of lens to make them more comfortable and easy to wear. Latest technology has made it possible to develop electronic contact lenses (bionic lenses) with inbuilt screen.

Gear up to enter the world of comfortable contact lenses.

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