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Stay Stylish with Wayfarer Sunglasses

wayfarer sunglassesFollowing a fashion trend is everyone’s target, and a pair of  Wayfarer sunglasses can very well help you attain the same. With the remarkable retro touch, wayfarers have now become the hottest trend in the eyewear market. They give the wearer an alluring yet classic appearance. These shades are perfect for every attire, be it your faded blue slim fit denims with white tee or a western one piece dress. In current days both Wayfarer spectacles and sunglasses have become a must have fashion accessory. Wayfarer sunglasses have been idealized by the likes of Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn and Madonna. It went out of fashion during the era of hippie ‘n disco when cat eye, round and square shades were extremely high in demand. After that, in the movie ‘Risky Business’ with Tom Cruise, Wayfarer sunglasses were revived again.

These sunglasses exemplifies a retro look dashed with a cool and an edgy style; this style appeal has gained a stronger influence on young fashionista lives. Wayfarers look almost similar to Cat Eye Sunglasses that have horizontally long brow frame. One of the attractive points that really sets Wayfarer sunglasses apart from the bunch of the other sunglasses is its distinctive trapezoidal frame. This unique frame gives the entire frame a durable and masculine look. People who love to carry retro look can perk up their look by putting on these sunglasses thereby creating a voguish juxtaposition with classic and romantic clothing.

We can all thank Ray-Ban and of course, leading American optical designer Raymond Stegeman for designing the Wayfarer sunglasses which give the fashion lovers an indelible reason to love the fashion.
These trendy sunglasses give them a cause to “uplift” their entire look and add casual-cool outlook to their ensemble.

Ray-Ban Wayfarer: Popular among Celebrities

Wayfarers have a huge popularity among famous models and renowned celebrities. In the years between 1982-1987, Ray-Ban Wayfarer sunglasses were worn by most of the lead characters in almost 60 movies and in numerous music albums and award functions. Presently too, Wayfarer sunglasses are worn by high-profile celebrities, music artists and top politicians all across the globe. Wayfarer style is highly famous among Hollywood and Bollywood stars too. For these reasons wayfarers are always in fashion and high in demand among youngsters.

Wayfarer sunglasses from the house of Ray Ban

Wayfarer is a leading brand of sunglasses which is created by one of the most popular manufacturers – Ray-Ban. Even the old wayfarer sunglasses had exciting and latest designs. Plastic encasing was used in making these sunglasses for the first time. Due to their chic look and elegance, they became a craze and trend especially among the youngsters. In fact, celebrities were the first ones to don these Ray-Ban Wayfarer sunglasses, making it an instant hit.

Attributes of Wayfarer Sunglasses

ray ban wayfarera) Captivating colours and amazing patterns: Wayfarer sunglasses boast of both latest style and trend. With vibrating bright, flashy colours and eye-catchy motifs, Wayfarer sunglasses can become the perfect mirage of your style. Their exciting colours and designer temples make them elegant fashion accessories.

b) UV Protection: Apart from being just fashionable, Wayfarers have the ability to protect eyes against harmful UV radiations. In fact, these smart Wayfarer sunglasses are made by using advanced technology. Polarization feature in the sunglasses make them helpful in offering comfort and visibility in adverse or extremely bright conditions especially in beaches and snow covered areas.

c) Durability: Wayfarers are made of genuine quality plastic that ensure lasting performance and make them durable. On the other hand, Wayfarer spectacles have also been an ideal choice for kids who tend to be careless with their spectacles.

d) Pocket friendly: Unlike many high-priced designs, these elegant and retro Wayfarers come in a varied price range and are quite affordable. Customers can buy Wayfarer sunglasses and spectacles online. You can choose the products as per your budget. These voguish sunglasses are not just smart but pocket-friendly too.

Get the right scale frame of sunglasses for your face shape

When it comes to selecting a pair of embellishing Wayfarer sunglasses, you need to choose an appropriate frame scale for your face size. Most of the Wayfarers sunglasses are narrow in look and they look best on smaller faces. But, you can also find them in bigger or larger sizes that are especially designed for wider facial bone structures. You can easily find a range of Wayfarer sunglasses in different colours and attractive prints. These classic, timeless as well as versatile Wayfarer sunglasses goes well with all kinds of formal as well as casual attires. Black, browns and dark blues sunglasses can go well with the rest of your wardrobe. Wayfarers with gold or silver rims can also look attractive and super-stylish with a simple or sporty outfit.

Shop Ray-Ban Wayfarer Sunglasses Online

To buy Ray-Ban Wayfarers, LensKart is an ideal online shopping portal. It offers a variety of these sunglasses of various colours and shapes. Ray-Ban is one of the top brands in manufacturing and designing high-end sunglasses especially Wayfarers. The brand is known for manufacturing genuine quality eyewear accessories and are expensive in price as well. But you can buy Ray-Ban Wayfarer sunglasses at affordable price from LensKart. Here, some of the best profitable deals are waiting for you. Apart from Wayfarers, you can check out the latest trendy assortment of sunglasses from numerous leading brands. All these brands offer quality products on LensKart at unbeatable cost as compared to the actual market prices.

You can buy Ray-Ban Wayfarers online and all you need to do is follow few simple steps to place an order. One can get free shipping facility and your order will be delivered at your doorstep in five to ten working days. If you want to check your order status, simply click on track my order and fill few details. You would be able to see updated information of your already placed order.

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