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Style your Eyes with Ray Ban Sunglasses

Style your Eyes with Ray Ban Sunglasses

 Importance of wearing a Ray ban Sunglass

In Olden days, sunglasses were completely different in style and design to those which are worn presently. James Ayscough of England was the first man who introduced the first pair of sunglasses for public in the mid-18th century. In those days, sunglasses were worn only to protect precious eyes from the harsh sun glare.

Now, Sunglasses aren’t only functional in hot sunny days but also prove to be your true companion in general atmosphere of the day. Get the real of the environment even when you are involved in the activity of trekking on high mountains or riding a bike on the highway with Ray Ban sunglasses. Whatever be the condition, Ray Ban sunglasses provides you utmost comfort whether you are swimming in the Indian Ocean or taking a view of diverse nature from the peak of the Himalayas. Direct exposure of harmful ultraviolet radiations that are coming from the sun, can damage your eyes retina which leads to deterioration of vision. Risk of exposure to harsh UV rays increases if you don’t wear good quality sunglasses. Ray Ban sunglasses are capable to deliver you a safe and relaxed traveling experience even in hot summer days.

Global name in the fashion world; Ray ban Sunglasses

A global name in the segment of eyewear, Ray-Ban was incepted in the year 1937 by Bausch and Lomb with the vision to deliver a long eyewear product line for the people. The first Ray Ban sunglasses were developed for the United States Army Air Corps. Journey of the development of Ray Ban began from the year 1936 when an eye vision problem was reported by Lieutenant John A. Macready (an American test pilot) as a result of his eyes being exposed to direct sunlight during flying an air balloon. He contacted Bausch & Lomb to create a pair of sunglasses which would be capable to prevent the eyes from these harmful radiations that are coming from the sun. Bausch & Lomb finally took out the patent in the year of 1937, and introduced the first Aviator Ray Ban Sunglasses in the market. The masterpiece Aviator sunglasses from the well reputed brand Ray Ban comprises gold plated metal frames with mineral glass green lenses to block all the dangerous rays coming from the sun. Within a short span of time, the Ray Ban sunglasses gained a huge popularity amongst pilots of the United States Army Air Corps. Ray Ban sunglasses also proved useful for soldiers to protect their eyes from harsh rays and with that maintaining a bracket of style as well. As time passed, Ray Ban sunglasses in the form of wayfarer sunglasses became popular amongst various celebrities and movie stars. In the year 1952, Ray Ban introduced Wayfarer sunglasses decked with plastic frames. In 1962, Ray Ban indulged in the task of manufacturing impact- resistant lenses. Wayfarer sunglasses flaunted the style of many TV stars. Musicians like Bob Marley, Bob Dylan, John Belushi and Dan Akroyd are a few names who made thi style a rage among people in the period between 1950’s to 1960’s. Ray Ban in India was an instant hit with the youngsters.


Play with the Vibrant shades of Ray ban

Intolerable sun rays comprises dangerous ultra violet rays and the exposure of these harmful radiations can give rise to the birth of various eyes ailments such as Photokeratitis, Pingueculae, Myopia, Hyperopia, Astigmatism and can also cause permanent retinal damage to your eyes. In order to offer ultimate protection from these harsh UV rays, lenses of the sunglasses should block almost 100% UV-A and UV-B radiations of the Ultra violet rays and should efficiently screen out 90% visible spectrum of light. UV-A and UV-B are the category of Ultraviolet rays which are accepted as the main reason behind the rise of eye vision problems. Ray Ban sunglasses that suitably match the colour of the wearer’s eyes and offer distorted free image can be easily purchased. In the view of maintaining colour perception of eyes, Ray ban sunglasses with neutral gray lenses are one of the best offerings. To test the quality of lenses, just hold the Ray Ban sunglasses facing the sky or the ceiling of your house and see them like a column or a curb in a horizontal or vertical way. If the object moves with the movement of sunglasses up and down, lenses used in the Ray Ban sunglasses are not genuine in quality. Nowadays, Ray Ban Sunglasses are available with Photo-chromatic and polarized lenses. Photo-chromatic lenses change their shade after getting exposed to sun glare, to provide utmost comfort to the eyes of wearer. In a journey from sun to earth, harsh UV rays get absorbed by various layers of the atmosphere. A resident nearest to the equator or at a high altitude will get highly affected by the UV rays that are reflected from the surface of snow, sand and water because these areas have a comparatively thinner layer of atmosphere. The dangerous UV radiations affect the individuals who are residing at high altitudes, low height and in reflective or open conditions of environment. The invention of modern filters to polarize light by Edwin H. Land gave rise to the birth of polarized sunglasses in the market. In 1936 Edwin H. Land started experimenting on the use of the Polaroid element in sunglasses and other optical devices with the aim to block a higher percentage of the UV Rays. Polarized sunglasses are most popular among the individuals who like to play water and snow sports. In the same way, Blue-blockers amber lenses are capable to block all the harmful blue light to prevent your eyes from the risk of damage. These amber lenses used in sunglasses are quite popular among skiers, hunters, boaters and pilots. The Anti-reflecting coating on the surface of the lenses of Ray Ban Sunglasses diminishes the magnitude of glare and offers a comfortable experience to the eyes. Mirror-coated lenses are capable to restrict the amount of light entering into the eyes and thus provide utmost comfort to the precious eyes even in bright light condition. Color perception is not influenced by the colour of the mirror coating lenses but it is the colour of the shaded lens under the coating which concludes your colour vision.

In the present scenario, Ray Ban sunglasses have become a giant industry in the term of production and distribution of sunglasses across the world. Ray Ban in India is recognized as a leading brand in the segment of sunglasses. Buy Ray Ban sunglasses online on just a click of a mouse as these sunglasses are easily available on different e-commerce websites.



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