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The Rave and Colours of Ray Ban

The Rave and Colours of Ray Ban

There are no other brands that have occupied a special spot in the history just like Ray-Ban. This iconic sunglasses brand has spotted the limelight and the mainstream of the fashion industry way back in 1930’s. It has been in the faces of the politicians, armies, presidents, Hollywood stars, known personalities and the elites. The humble beginning of this brand has always been an extraordinary inspiration that until now no brand has imitated. The graceful start of the reckoned company begin in 1936 when Lieutenant John A. Macready requested Bausch and Lomb to create a pair of sunglasses that would secure his eyes from the harmful heat of the sun while enjoying the adventure of balloon flying. After the successful manufacturing of the shades, in 1937, the pilots of the United States Army Air Corps proclaimed their need of a more sophisticated design of shades that would protect their eyes from the harmful sunrays. But it was General Douglas Mac Arthur who has spread the infamous name of Ray Ban when he landed in the Philippines during World War II that caught the attentions of many photographers. After a whirlwind recognition of the sunglasses, it was seen on many people who admired its style and elegance. This in turn inspired the pioneer eyewear brand to patent the sunglasses on May 7, 1937 under the name of Ray Ban Aviator Sunglasses.

Ray Ban Aviator Sunglasses
 are the first shades that have anti-glare lenses. These have been designed with a lightweight frame that is made from gold-plated metal. The green lenses are crafted from mineral glass that efficiently filters the harmful UV sunrays. Since then, Aviator sunglasses have been worn inside and outside the army. It has been used by the army during wars and soon had its first appearance in the movies. In 1952, Ray Ban Wayfarer was launched which paved the design of the traditional metal frame into a solid plastic frame. The unbelievable success of every Ray Ban sunglass has been a revolutionary trend in the fashion industry and history. The enormous distinction of these sunglasses has crossed boundaries, cultures and society. It has reached the appeal of the masses and has became a sunglass that every man and woman would die to have. The original wayfarer that has been designed solely for men has trapped women to fall in love with it. It was seen on the face of Audrey Hepburn on her movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s. And through the era of 50’s and 60’s, it has been the favorite shades of the legends that include Marilyn Monroe, John Lennon, Bob Dylan and James Dean. During 1970’s, the popularity of Ray Ban continued with the creation of disco inspired sunglasses+ has created a strong impact on the Hollywood movies when Ray Ban signed a contract of $50,000 a year to use the famous Ray Ban shades in TV shows and movies in the 80’s. It was also in this era when almost all the Hollywood celebrities don a pair of Ray Ban shades including the Pop King Michael Jackson, Madonna, Elvis Costello and many more. The history continues with the creation of new style, design, colors and frames of the renowned sunglasses brands.
After a milestone of success, Ray Ban propagated more crossing different countries in spite of the launching of other designer sunglasses brands. Ray Ban India started its operation and debut in the 1990’s. In this period, it has reached and satisfied the cravings of the Indians for more luxurious sunglasses. Today, Ray Ban sunglasses are worn by men, women and even kids. The revolutionary designs of the brand have improved with the aura of innovation, performance and quality remained untouched. The Aviator and Wayfarer family continues to grow with its new collections. Sunglasses of Ray Ban have continued to line up with new releases, Icon sunglasses, Tech sunglasses, Limited Editions, Rare Prints and other classes of Ray Ban sunglasses that have touched the hearts of many Indians. The glamour and uniqueness of each Ray Ban sunglass has retained its signature quality that no other brands can ever copy. Aside from its inimitable designs, the classic style of these shades has remained the favourite eyewear everywhere. The junior collection of Ray Ban Sunglasses offers a splendor of designs that every kid would love. It is seen in the frame color, Lens and frame which completes its total look.

Ray Ban India offers range of sunglasses that is not limited to Aviator and Wayferer, but ClubMaster and Jackie Ohh have also been a favourite choice. With the changing trends in the market, Ray Ban India has been competitive by offering vivid colours of shades with compelling designs of GSM, Mirror, Polycarbonate and Polarized lenses. With the aggressive market in the fashion industry, Ray Ban India continues to offer refreshing pieces of eyewear that will appeal to the various segments of the society. With the introduction of Rare Prints Series in 2011, the worldwide brand focuses on extraordinary sunglasses that combine colourful patterns and prints. The Legends Collection reflects a true craftsmanship that laid its perfection on four iconic shades such as the Classic Aviator, Laramie, Round and Meteor. Fashion lovers would definitely love the Ray Ban Craft Collection that features the use of real leather with rich colours. The fusion of vintage and contemporary style renders a new line of trend on its Craft Outdoorsman, Craft Caravan and Craft Wings ensembles. Nothing can beat the latest collection of Ray Ban India with its distinct innovation of class and style on Ray Ban Tech Collection. The brand features Carbon Fibre and CL- “Carbon Line” that commemorates the history that made Ray Ban a premier sunglasses brand offering technology and trend. This collection boasts its “lighter and stronger” materials as it brings the ray ban’s slimmest wrap temples that are rigid and highly resistant to shocks and bumps. This revolutionary Carbon Fibre collection also features P3 PLUS and P3 lenses that provide clearer sight by eradicating distracting glares. Considering the user’s comfort, the collection also provides utmost flexibility even in its extensive use. 2012 Ray Ban India Series continues to improve and reach the increasing demands of the people for a more stylish eyewear. Ray Ban sunglasses come at the most affordable price and can be purchased from selected retail stores, online shops and department stores. The ever changing evolution of Ray Ban eyewear has just proved that till date, it is a top eyewear brand that epitomizes the classic sunglasses that once started its history.

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