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The trending styles of sunglasses for 2014

Whether you are a keen follower of fashion trends or not, no one can escape its onslaught. Films, magazines, websites, blogs are all about them. Every new season brings in a new set of fashion highs and lows. While some trends go on to become classics, others are quickly forgotten. And this vicious circle continues…

As much as fashion is about clothes, it is equally about accessories. And when one is talking about accessories, sunglasses easily clinch the first spot. Accept it or not, but nothing finishes a great look like a stunning pair of sunglasses. Picture any celebrity caught in a candid moment… and you immediately see them behind a pair of glares. You have to agree when we say that sunglasses are an intrinsic part of our wardrobe.

2014 promises to be an exciting year for all connoisseurs of the sunglasses. While some classics return to their numero uno position, there are some new styles that will be loved by all. Let’s get a whiff of what to expect this coming season.

The classic aviator look

Oh yes! No trend list can be complete without this one. An old favorite, the aviator sunglasses are here to stay, for yet another season. And can we blame it? Definitely not! Whoever invented the aviator style may have never imagined that it would rock the world in this proportion. The aviators, surprisingly works for every face type, man or woman, and makes a star out of every person. For sure, this is one trend that is not going anywhere, and we sure aren’t complaining!

The smart wayfarer look

A close competitor of the aviator sunglasses, the wayfarer sunglasses have had a meteoric rise in this millennium. It was the most popular style way back in the 1960s and 70s but slumped to anonymity soon. It saw a revival when pop icons like Michael Jackson and Madonna favored them. Ever since then, the wayfarers have seen themselves in every trend list. Wayfarers in different colours look super chic and smart, and work well with any kind of attire. Definitely a trend to stay, we say!

The chic clubmaster look

And retro is back! We have seen the polkas and the flared pants back, it’s now time for the eyewear also to get a retro twist. The clubmaster style was a thing of the past, up until now. Sport a clubmaster, and be immediately transported to a vintage era. This half-rim style had previously seen glorious days. Reflecting a style and status that exudes an old-world charm, owning a clubmaster surely would spell class and sophistication.

The mirrored look

A new entrant, this is surely not a classic trend. But the mirrored sunglasses seem to have earned recognition unheard of in the past. Very popular with adventure junkies and sports enthusiasts, mirrored sunglasses not just score high in the looks factor but also in the utility aspect. Layered with an outer coating on the lenses, the mirrored sunglasses have been an old favourite in thriller movies (remember The Matrix?). Why not embrace this uber-cool trend for some adrenaline rush, eh?

The polarized look

And finally, the inclusion of polarized sunglasses in this trend list is to ascertain that fashion is not just about style. The basic function of sunglasses still remains the same… to protect the eyes from foreign objects like the harsh and harmful sunrays. The polarized sunglasses are better equipped to perform this very function. This is one trend that we think that should stay on, this season or thereafter., the largest online store for eyewear in India, promises to deliver all these and more. It’s time for you to be a little fashion and net savvy. It’s time now to be a little trendy, what say!

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