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The World Looks Wonderful with Contact Lenses

Eyes are the most important and vital organs of our body. It is necessary to take care of your eyes. Due to changing technology and trends, contact lenses are in great demand. Right from the time they were first used, lenses have played a vital role in correcting vision and improving looks of the wearers. There are numerous brands in the market which indulge in manufacturing quality lenses. If you are getting bored of wearing your same old eyeglasses, then contact lenses can serve great deal to correct your vision. Lenses are preferred by many for both cosmetic as well as therapeutic reasons. Contact lenses are specially designed for all those people who are careful about their appearance. There are many reasons behind high-demand of contact lenses among masses. Aesthetics and cosmetics are prime motivating factors for people who would like to change over from eyeglasses to contact lenses. People also use lenses to improve their appearance, and sometimes to change the colour of their eyes. Apart from this, most people wear contacts to correct their vision. Contact lenses give a better peripheral vision than spectacles. There are numerous medical conditions, such as Keratoconus and Aniseikonia, which can be suitably corrected by wearing contact lenses. Therapeutic contact lenses, cosmetic contact lenses, and corrective contact lenses are some common types of lenses available these days. You must have noticed that there is a range of contact lenses choices available in the market today. These may vary with the number of vision problems faced by people and diverse usage of contact lenses.

There are several offerings in the realm of eye care products, which are available for today’s consumer. Brand conscious people can easily find some of the best branded contact lenses of their choice. It is also really important to buy branded contact lenses which ensure good quality and reasonable wearer satisfaction. Some of the leading brands which offer quality contact lenses include- Johnson & Johnson, Ciba Vision, Bausch & Lomb, Cooper Vision, Aryan, Acme Yearly Toric, Celebrations, Silk Lens, FreshKon, Biomedics, and Glamour Eye. Numerous qualities and advantages offered by contact lenses have resulted in their massive popularity among people. You can see a huge difference between contact lenses and eyeglasses, in terms of portability and ease of usage. There are some areas where contact lenses play more important role as compared to eyeglasses. Millions of people all over the world suffer from some or the other kind of vision problem. Some people like wearing eyeglasses, while other substantial chunk include a large number of youngsters who prefer to wear contact lenses. Undoubtedly, contact lenses are newer in the market of vision correcting aids as compared to eye glasses; but in terms of popularity, contact lenses hold a better position. As per a recent survey, it has been observed that a large number of people have changed over from their eyeglasses to contact lenses. Popularity of contact lenses is growing with each day. Below is a brief account of some of the common types of contact lenses available now-a-days.

30-Day Wear Contact Lenses

These are new versions of contact lenses. 30-Day Wear contact lenses are common kind of lenses which allow wearers to put on lenses in morning, afternoon as well as night for 30 days. Wearers can use these contact lenses for 30 days continuously, without any trouble. These contact lenses are ideal for those who have to wear lenses for over 8 to 10 hours daily. There are some contact lenses which need to be taken out after certain time period. If you wear lenses for more than its prescribed time limit, then it can lead to irritation, inflammation and bacterial infections in eyes. 30-Day Wear contact lenses are also considered to be “next generation” lenses by many. These lenses are made of special type of materials, such as Silicone Hydrogel. These contact lenses have “high oxygen permeability”, which allow more oxygen to pass through the lens as compared to ordinary ones, thereby making them safe for long duration wear.

Disposable Contacts

Another version of contact lenses is Disposable Contacts. These kind of contact lenses are relatively inexpensive and are considered ideal for correcting minor vision problems. These contacts usually take less than a minute to put in. Disposable contact lenses can be tossed after a day’s wear. People who have minor vision problems, they can use disposable contact lenses to correct their eye condition. Major advantage of disposable lenses is that you don’t need to clean them often. Some of the commonly reported advantages of these contact lenses include:

  • Hassle free usage – as you don’t need to clean them, because each lens is sterile at the time when you put it in.
  • No storage required – because you don’t need to keep these lenses in storage containers or cleaning solutions.
  • Build up free – due to the fact that these disposable contact lenses do not have protein build-up.
  • Allergy free – for most of the people who have sensitive eyes. These are ideal alternatives over traditional lenses for such people.

Colour Contact Lenses

Colour contact lenses are counted among the most popular contact lenses available in the market today. If you want to change your looks a bit and add a distinct touch to your appearance then you can wear contact lenses. People who have perfect vision also wear colour lenses just to get a unique look. Colour lenses offer the wearers an exclusive ability to change their eye colour and alter their appearance. These contact lenses provide a vivid as well as a natural look to wearers. You can choose your favourite colour as your eye colour. It becomes important for wearers to choose an appropriate lens colour depending upon their original eye colour and skin colour to suit their appearance. You can also buy colour lenses as disposable lenses. One can buy colour lenses that come with diverse features that may add extra dazzle to the eyes of wearers. There are numerous attractive patterns, like animal print, available in colour contact lenses. People who complain of dry eye or discomfort while wearing contact lenses can use innovative forms of contacts called Silicon-Hydrogel contacts. These contact lenses help ensure comfort while offering a rich, moisturising agent to eyes of wearers.

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