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Vintage Sunglasses: Sun Glare out of question now

Vintage Sunglasses: Sun Glare out of question now

Sunglasses can be referred to as spectacles or glasses, which have lenses that are darkened or polarized to protect the eyes from the glare of the sun. In this scientific and modern world, Sunglasses have become a necessary accessory for the purpose of protecting eyes and sometimes they are also used as a fashionable item.

Sunglasses are worn to protect the ever so beautiful eyes. The human eyes are extremely light sensitive and can be easily affected by sunlight. Sunlight contains radioactive rays called “Ultra-Violet rays” which are harmful for the human eyes. Bright sunlight is merely a distracting annoyance. But extended exposure can cause irritation, headaches, or even serious damage to human retina, cornea and lens. Short term exposure to sunlight can cause a temporary reduction in vision, known as welder’s flash or snow blindness. Long term effects include cataract and night blindness also. In order to control the effects of these destructive rays, people use sunglasses that are darkened or tinted. All these effects are due to UV (ultra violet) rays present in the sunlight.

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With the development in technology and in the knowledge and skills of the human beings, there was a revolution of making sunglasses to prevent from such harmful rays, i.e. Ultra-violet rays. It may be interesting to know about the invention of eye wear to protect from the high glaring ultra violet rays. Firstly made from ivory, these “sunglasses” fully covered the eyes, leaving only a small slit. This removed sun glare and controlled early fishermen from the harmful Ultra -Violet rays. It wasn’t until the turn of the 20th century, when sunglasses were more readily available and became famous with their widespread use. It is also mentioned in the history that the Roman emperor Called Nero loved to watch fights with emeralds. But, these emeralds look to have worked like mirrors. Glasses made from flat panes of smoky quartz, which offered no corrective powers but did control our eyes from the sunlight were used in China in the twentieth century or possibly earlier. Ancient documents describe the use of crystal glasses by judges at the time of hearings in the ancient Chinese courts to conceal their facial expressions. In the mid-eighteenth century, James Ayscough started experimenting with tinted lenses in glasses. He believed that blue or green lens could correct specific vision impairments. Yellow and brown –tinted sunglasses were also prescribed for people with Syphilis in the 1900s and earlier centuries because sensitivity to light was one of the symptoms of the disease. According to time, the use of sunglasses started to become more widespread among movie stars. The tinted glasses were made popular by movie stars of that era to avoid recognition. An investor named Sam Foster began producing less expensive lenses at the end of the1920s. Sam Foster found a new market on the beaches of Atlantic City, New Jersey, where he started selling sunglasses under the name of Sam Foster grant from a Woolworth on the Boardwalk. In 1936, Polarized sunglasses became first available, when Edwin H. Land began to start experimenting with his patented Polaroid filter in making tinted glasses.

Now, in this present world, there are so many companies who play a vital role in the manufacturing of different styles of sunglasses. But only a few of them are really popular that give the best deal cater to the desired expectations of the customers. Amongst them, Vintage sunglasses are famous the world over for providing the customers with the very best in wholesale and reading sunglasses. A decade ago, the world of sunglasses went through a major change with the launch of Vintage sunglasses which are constantly redefining eye fashion. Vintage sunglasses are the result of the five brands containing different product models catering to all age groups. Vintage sunglasses have earned a trusted name in the eyewear industry by constantly striving for innovation and offering products that are unique and always in

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confluence with the latest trends. Vintage, a famous Indian brand with international Standards, produces its products based on the fundamental principal of great performance. Vintage sunglasses have extended their wings into international retailing in Thailand, New York, Colombo, Dubai and South Africa. Based on the principles of trust, quality and style, Vintage sunglasses have become the fastest growing sunglasses in India with the vision of becoming a leader in International market as well. Vintage Sunglasses are available with 500 retailers across India. Vintage became the only Indian brand to introduce ‘Grilamid TR90’, the best injection frame material in the world and it also gives lifetime warranty on all its Nylon lenses. The brand provides sunglasses attached with MP3 players. Vintage sunglasses are available in different designs and colours like white, green, orange as well as crystal studded sunglasses which are in accordance with latest technology and styles using both polycarbonate and polarized lenses with 100% Ultra-Violet protection and all the sunglasses offered by Vintage sunglasses can be owned at affordable prices. Vintage sunglasses product range includes Designer plastic and metal sunglasses, crystal studded sunglasses, MP3 player fitted sunglasses, acetic sunglasses/frames, Tac-polarised lenses, unbreakable nylon lenses and sunglasses fitted with fire lens from Japan. Not only concerned in selling sunglasses, Vintage also takes care of the related needs of the customers. Vintage guides its customers about complete sunglasses care, so they do not find any unhappy customer. Along with best quality, Vintage gives huge discounts on each and every pair of sunglasses, eye glasses and contact lenses. It also gives exciting offers to all ages and categories. Sunglasses men are available especially the fashion oriented men and give a chance of choosing from more than 400 breathtaking designs. It provides online and offline booking services for the convenience of the customers. Vintage sunglasses are delivered at the customer’s doorstep within 2-5 days from the day of placing the orders. To buy sunglasses from Vintage online booking is very reliable and easy. This keeps the customers away from the hectic marketplaces.

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