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What connects you to a celeb

What’s common between an Air Force pilot and Michael Jackson? A pair of sunglasses! What brings these distinct personalities together is the pair of Aviator sunglasses on their eyes!

There is something about the men in uniform that gives them a unique charm and unbeatable style. That’s the reason why Aviator sunglasses, designed for the U.S. pilots back in 1937, became such a rage with celebrities and commoners alike, and continue to be so.

Beginnings of the legend

Starting with Gen. Douglas MacArthur of the US Army, who landed on a beach in Philippines, sporting a pair of dazzling Aviators in 1942, to the young and happening celebrities of today, stylish Aviator shades have impressed one and all. Sported by celebrities from all walks of life, these tear-drop shaped shades continue to capture the imagination of many.

Rock ‘n’ roll

The love for Aviator sunglasses continued well into the 60s, when British musicians Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr were photographed wearing the classy shades. Next was the turn of much-celebrated British musician, Freddie Mercury, who donned the classy shades on the cover of his solo album, Mr. Bad Guy, in 1985. Michael Jackson, the King of Pop, throughout his roaring musical career spanning decades, chose to wear stylish Aviator shades in a range of styles and colours, while Elvis Presley, ‘the King of Rock and Roll, flaunted his signature eye-catching version of Aviator shades in gold.

The showbiz connect

The sale of Ray-Ban Aviators increased by 40% when Hollywood actor Tom Cruise sported them in his 1986 film, Top Gun, in which he played an Air Force pilot.  For a few years, Aviator sunglasses saw a lean period until glamorous Hollywood actress, Sarah Jessica Parker, appeared on the official teaser of her 2010 film, Sex and the City2, sporting eye-catching gold Aviators, once again bringing these super-shades back in limelight.  Since then, these classy shades have been worn by numerous celebrities across the world.

Salman Khan perfected the cop look in his blockbuster ‘Dabangg ‘with black Aviator shades, while Akshay Kumar flaunted them in the ‘Khatron ke Khiladi’ TV series. Bollywood actresses aren’t far behind too with beauties like Kangana Ranaut, Priyanka Chopra, Vidya Balan and Katrina Kaif having been spotted with cool Aviator sunglasses in their latest avatars.

Patrons with a difference    

The American feminist and political activist, Gloria Steinam, sported Aviator shades as she espoused the cause of woman’s liberation back in the 70s. Recently, the French President, Francois Hollande, was seen wearing a pair of Aviator sunglasses, and so was the Vice President of USA, Joe Biden.  From Presidents to sport stars and from Hollywood to Bollywood actors, these shades have become a quintessential accessory of the fashion conscious.

The classic Aviator shades might have gone through various changes over the years, but their celebrity fan following hasn’t dwindled even a bit.  In fact, it has increased manifold. It’s the best time to invest in a pair of these evergreen sunglasses for an instant metamorphosis into a glamorous celebrity.

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