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What is new in eyeglasses industry

Eyewear manufacture is a booming industry. Rapid advancements take place every year in this sector. The competitiveness of this industry calls for constant innovations. In 2014, many prominent advancements and styles have occurred. Below are some of the latest additions to the eyewear industry.

Pastel Frames by Marc Jacobs

For their 2014 summer collection, Marc Jacobs launched new frame designs in flashy colors. Their frames for women come in bold shapes, translucent pastel materials and striped patterns. The latest ‘Marc Jacobs’ style is MJ 542, a design that provides a sophisticated and retro look. It comes in beige grey or cherry for women, and the men’s version, MJ 536, comes in black.

Google Glass soon to achieve the normal look

In the beginning of 2014, Google Glass opened its gates for customers, though it wasn’t liked by many because of its geeky and weird look. Recently, the company announced its plan for a normal looking Google glass. Google collaborated with an eyewear company, Luxottica group, to upgrade the look and design of the device.

Cleopatra Frame equipped with exotic woods

The ‘Rye & Lye’s’ collection is equipped with eyewear frames crafted from beautiful Italian exotic woods. The frame, termed as ‘Cleopatra’, comes in cat-eye shape for women. The curves of the temples are specially designed to enhance the natural grain in the wood.

Stripe Tease

Stripes are and have been a basic style mantra. ‘Plume Paris’ came up with frame named ‘Clamart’, which features stripes in blues and greenish-yellows. The sporty stripes help you pull-off an unconventional and funky look. Stripes in Earth-tone add texture and interest, while the bright-coloured stripes can jazz up your look with a sporty touch.

Biodegradable frames

In the end, everything comes back to Earth. It is not just a saying, but a truth of life too. Environmental consciousness is at rise with more and more people walking the eco-friendly path.

Pro Design Denmark released 7 new frames for both men and women. At a single glance, the frames may look like wood, but they’re actually made of a biodegradable acetate material that gives it such a texture. Also, the dark and light wood tones give it an organic touch.

These were just few of the eyeglasses and eyewear styles that recently made news in the eyewear industry. Keep looking out for more innovation this year, as companies are investing heavily on Research & Development and design.

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