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What makes the Ray-Ban sunglasses legendary

Ray-Ban is one of the most innovative and best-selling eyewear brands in the world. They have been producing classic frames for the last seven decades. The Aviators, Wayfarers and Clubmaster are some of the iconic frames by Ray-Ban. Made with state-of-the-art technology and materials, it is no wonder that Ray-Ban is the brand to beat.


Ever since their first appearance in the 30s, Ray-Ban has been a true eyewear icon. They are the archetype of a legendary brand. Over the course of the last 70 years, they have become a must-have eyewear among celebrities, fashionistas and man on the street.

Created by Bausch & Lomb, Ray-Ban was crafted for functional purposes initially. Their aim was to protect the eyes of the U.S. pilots. Today, Ray-Ban has come a long way from its military origins to being a classic fashion accessory.

Craftsmanship par excellence

Manufactured using cutting edge technology and the best materials available, the quality of Ray-Ban’s eyewear is outstanding. The lenses of Ray-Ban give 100% UV and bright light protection. With high impact and scratch resistance lenses, these eyewear products are sure to last a lifetime. The frames of Ray-Ban are innovative, sturdy and hypoallergenic. Also, these frames are light in weight and highly comfortable to wear.

The perpetual icons

Ray-Ban has become synonymous with great shades in fantastic styles. With an array of shapes to choose from, here are the most popular styles from this iconic brand.

  • Aviators – As the name itself suggests, they were originally designed for the U.S military pilots. Garnering a huge fan following since its design in 1930s, Aviators were the first sunglasses from the house of Ray-Ban. The unique teardrop shaped lenses make the sunnies a recognizable style icon. They are quite fashionable and a favorite among celebrities, world leaders and famous personalities. Although the Aviators have been modified over time, it still remains the most popular style of sunglasses.
  • Wayfarers – In 1950s, taking advantage of the new plastic molding technology, Ray-Ban produced another classic eyewear, the Wayfarer. Unlike the other thin metal frames, the Wayfarers marked the beginning of a new era of sunglasses in plastic frames. Wayfarer has had its share of ups and downs too. It was considered as a popular eyewear accessory in the 50s and 60s, but its popularity declined during the disco era. With the new re-designed models, Wayfarers made a comeback to the fashion industry in the late 2000s, and that too with a bang.
  • Folding Wayfarer –With discreet hinges on the arms and the nose bridge, which allows the frame to be folded, the folding Wayfarers have been one of the best to come from the house of Ray-Ban. These ultra-compact sunnies are easy to store and carry, thus making them one of the most popular eyewear style ever.
  • Clubmaster – This undeniably fashionable and chic browline frame was developed in the 50s and was a favourite among world leaders and intellectuals. The popularity of the browline design declined in the 70s. Thanks to popular TV series and movies in the 80s, this design made a comeback. The Clubmaster was launched during this time. The half rimmed Clubmaster is a very popular trend among younger generation at the moment.
  • Jackie Ohh – Inspired by the very epitome of classy fashion, Jackie Kennedy, Jackie Ohh sunglasses are timeless classics. A glamorously chic piece, the Jackie Ohh sunglasses are very feminine. Classy and sophisticated, it’s no surprise that these sunglasses are a favorite among divas.

Unfazed and unbeaten, Ray-Ban has withstood the test of time. They have crafted some of the most iconic sunglasses all throughout their seven decades in the eyewear industry. Made with world class materials and technology, and with a timeless appeal to them, the Ray-Ban sunglasses are bound to give you years of comfortable wearing experience.

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