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Which eyeglasses were the eye-cons wearing

Timeless, classic and eternal – these few words might not be enough to describe the existence of round eyeglasses. If one digs deep into history, it could be found that round eyeglasses frames were the only ones available till a century back.

All through the years, round eyeglasses were the favourites of political leaders, writers, movie stars and celebrities. These frames have always been the first choice for the intellectuals as well.

Here is a peep into the icons who wore round eyeglasses and made them synonymous with their names.

Mahatma Gandhi

It is almost impossible to visualize the father of our nation without his classic round eyeglasses. Gandhiji bought his first pair of round eyeglasses in 1890s from London. Historians say that he did not use them often. His regular usage of eyeglasses started in November 1921 during a fast in Bombay.

Abraham Lincoln

Beginning 1854, Abraham Lincoln was seen wearing a number of different reading glasses. However, his favorite ones were the round eyeglasses, which were even found in his pockets after his assassination.


Sir Winston Churchill


Apart from being one of the greatest wartime leaders and the British Prime Minister in 40s and 50s, Churchill was admired for his spectacular tortoiseshell reading glasses by C.W Dixey and Son.

Steve Jobs

Apple co-founder Steve Jobs was one of the biggest innovators of the 20th century. Can one imagine this tech icon without his rimless round eyeglasses?

John Lennon

The lead singer of Beatles inspired an entire generation with his timeless music and his contribution towards world peace. What more! The John Lennon style of wearing round eyeglasses still trends.

Steven Spielberg

Although Spielberg has experimented with various styles of eyeglasses, his fascination for elegant round eyeglasses has been never ending. His thick round black spectacles has been an integral part of his persona since the 1960s.

Johnny Depp

With round glasses trending big, Johnny Depp must be recognized as one of the first in Hollywood to sport round eyeglasses.

From Aviators to Wayfarers, the world has seen an abundance of eyewear styles. But the love and fascination towards the round frames have never ceased.


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