Wrap around sassy eyewear this winter

Come winter and all we want to do is snuggle in our warm blanket with a cup of coffee and a good book. Even the thought of stepping out of the house in the freezing cold sends a shiver down the spine. But inadvertently, winter is the best season for holidaying in the snow capped mountains, trekking up the slippery slopes and sitting around a bonfire with a group of friends or family. Holidaying or no holidaying, one winter fashion rule which should never be broken is to step out without a hot pair of sunglasses.

Though the sun feels extremely good on the face in the chilly weather, it still is potent enough to harm our eyes. The sun’s glare reflecting off flat surfaces like the pearly white snow, water and glass panes is very disturbing. Also, the harmful UV rays are likely to cause as much harm to our eyes in winters, as they do during the summer season. Stepping out in the sun on a chilly winter day without a pair of sunglasses is practically a sin. Unfortunately, our favourite summer shades with dark lenses are not fit for the winters. So, we are here with a list of men’s sunglasses which they can carry with appeal and attitude, while battling the harmful rays emitted by the sun.

Stylish wrap-around sunglasses

For combating the fading light of a cool winter’s day, nothing is more appropriate than a pair of fashionable wrap-around shades. Sassy, stylish and contemporary, they are the best accessory for men who love donning leather jackets along with a scarf. Among men’s sunglasses, they are the best choice. Below are a few pairs which have been created by the best  brands and which comply with the winter style trends. Make your pick wisely:

Oakley 9135:  Whether it is the style,  fit or quality, each and every feature of these sunglasses reflects superior quality. The ultra-light O Matter® frame promises high stress resistance while the textured Unobtainium® ear socks ensure maximum comfort. The silver Plutonite® lenses offer complete UV and blue light protection from the sun. A part of the Jupiter Squared collection, you can’t say no to this pair. So, what are you waiting for?

Ray-Ban Olympia: The epitome of high-street fashion, class and sporty appeal, this pair of Ray-Ban Olympia is something to die for. The wrap-around styling of the sunnies combined with the sleek design speak the language of enigma. Protecting the eyes from the sun’s UV rays and the chilly breeze is the ultimate feel good factor about these sunglasses. The ultra-sleek temples, the frameless bottom along with soft nose pads ensure  style along with comfort.

Carrera 81: Oozing charm, adventure and charisma, you just can’t afford to miss having this pair. Designed in the unique and quirky Pento shape, you won’t even feel that you are wearing a pair of sunglasses. Embedded with UV400 protection, you don’t have to worry about the damage that the sun’s UV rays might cause. Light in weight, with ultra-slim temples and soft nose pads embedded in the frame itself, they will provide the perfect fit and will complement your stylish winter wardrobe. In the league of men’s sunglasses, this pair is a clear winner.

For that perfect winter look, go grab one of these pairs.

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