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5 styles of sunglasses to flaunt in 2014

Nothing else can give your look a perfect finish like a great pair of sunglasses. Whether enjoying a beach vacation or tackling the daily sun on your way to work, sunglasses form an integral part of every man’s wardrobe.

Below are the trending sunglasses styles of this season:

Wayfarers for Mr. Classic

This style of sunglasses has inspired a series of eyewear designs all around the world. Copied, experimented and reinvented, Wayfarers have stood the test of time, emerging as popular as ever. By using plastics, laser-cut woods and high-performance lenses, this style has successfully provided durability with a stylish touch. Some of the leading brands in Wayfarers are Ray-Ban, Sheriff& Cherry, Shwood and Bailey Nelson.

Round frames for Mr. Vintage

Round frames have been around since the introduction of eyewear. This style of sunglasses gives a vintage look to the wearer. Since its inception, round sunglasses have adorned the faces of popular figures like John Lennon. The earlier designs that were made from Bakelite and alloy metals are being crafted with high-grade materials today, blending fashion with engineering.

Aviators for Mr. Retro

Of late, Aviators have been revived in cool mirrored styles, which have made them the talk of the town. Aviators suit most face-shapes and have the ability to go with almost anything from the cool summer tees to formal spring shirts. Apart from the original creator of Aviators, Ray-Ban, some other leading brands making these designs now are Linda Farrow, Carrera and L.G.R.

D-frames for Mr. Contemporary

The D-frames have an undeniable futuristic feel along with the ability to stand out. These are identified by their square, rectangular and oversized shapes. Retro Super Future is a good pick for D-frame sunglasses, as this brand offers a variety of sunglasses to choose from to meet the style of the modern man.

Wrap Around for Mr. Sporty

The curved wrap-around frames are a delight for sportsmen due to their superb eye coverage. Distinguished by their semi-circular lenses, these sunglasses are crafted from lightweight, high-performance metal alloys. They are often fitted with glare-deflecting mirrored lens, which provides an unbroken field of vision, along with keeping dust particles away.

These protective qualities make them the default eyewear for sports such as skiing. Oakley offers a wide range of specialist eyewear for sportsmen. Other reputable brands producing wrap-arounds are Persol and Cébé.

Don’t be in a hurry to buy a pair of sunglasses. Find out your personality, your needs and analyse which will suit you the best, before you opt for a pair of shades.

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