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Sunglasses for women – Choose the right one

Sunglasses for women – Choose the right one

Summer or winter, it’s something which you can’t step out without. Designer or ordinary, fancy or simple, a pair of sunglasses is the girls’ best friend, after diamonds, of course! It is no longer only a functional accessory, but a defining one that gives a finishing touch to your look. Sun or no sun, a pair of stylish sunglasses always comes handy in making a style statement.

Earlier, the choice of sunglasses for women was limited. Now, there is no dearth of unisex designs of sunglasses, which are suitable for both men and women, as well as feminine styles of sunglasses, designed only for women. As choices galore, the catch is in getting the pair that flatters your style, protect your eyes and suits your face perfectly.

Here’s a guide to help you choose a perfect pair of sunglasses for all seasons:

Care for contour

The general rule with sunglasses is to go in for one which suits your face shape. Like, if you have a strong jawline with a face that is as long as it’s broad, it would be ideal to go in for a pair of sunglasses which adds a little softness to your face like round or oval shaped frames. For a round face, a pair of shades which can add some angles are perfect. Try rectangular one to offset your round face. An oval face is considered almost perfect for all shapes, but one has to be careful about the size of the frame which should be in proportion with the face.

Perfect protection

Make sure the sunglasses you pick provide full UV protection. Otherwise, a pair of shades is of no use. With the sun rays getting harsher, protection of eyes is extremely important. If adventure and outdoors is your style, invest in a pair of wraparound sunglasses. Polarized lenses are ideal for optimum glare reduction. Tints can also play a big role in sun protection. For instance, brown or amber coloured lenses for sports activities ensure high contrast, while light coloured lenses like grey are perfect when driving.


Whatever style of sunglasses you choose, the priority should be comfort. Never compromise on that, as sunglasses are something you wear on a regular basis. Make sure the fit is just right, neither pinching you, nor sliding down every now or then.

The brand

Sunglasses from leading brands ensure that they are high in quality and durability. There is an amazing variety of fashionable sunglasses for women available in retail stores and online portals.

Don’t just pick any pair of sunglasses. Just a little care for details and finding a perfect pair of women’s sunglasses isn’t a distant dream.

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