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8 facts you did not know about Ray-Ban

Ray-Ban has been a popular eyewear brand for ages. The eyeglasses and sunglasses from this brand have adorned the eyes of everyone – from celebrities to entrepreneurs to man on the street. Ray-Ban has successfully carved a place in the hearts of millions with its iconic eyewear.


However, there are some facts that many of us don’t know about Ray-Ban. Here are a few interesting facts about this eyewear brand.


  • A utilitarian gear
    The first batch of Ray-Ban sunglasses was created by Bausch & Lomb for the U.S. aviators, who were looking for an accessory to protect their eyes from the damaging rays of the sun while flying.


  • Ray-Ban popularised

The Ray-Ban Aviators achieved fame during World War II, when Gen.Douglas MacArthur was photographed wearing them, while landing on the beach in Philippines in 1944.

  • The first Aviators
    During their time mid-air, the air force pilots were troubled by the intense blue and white in the sky, and hence, the first Ray-Ban Aviator had green-tinted lenses, which served its purpose of cutting out the glare without obscuring vision.
  • Celeb publicity
    Humphrey Bogart, an American actor of the 30s and 40s, often sported Ray-Ban sunglasses, marking the friendship between Ray-Ban and celebrities.
  • Most popular shades
    Ray-Ban sunglasses sold 10 million units worldwide in 1998. Their best-known model, Wayfarer, has been available since 1953, and is reported to be the best-selling style in history. 
  • Stars and sunglasses
    Between 1982 and 1987, Ray-Ban sunglasses appeared on an average in 60 movies and television shows per year. Celebs like Marilyn Monroe, James Dean, Bob Dylan and Roy Orbison were often spotted flaunting their Ray-Bans. 
  • The most bizarre Ray-Ban design
    In ‘Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas’, that weird thing on Raoul Duke’s Aviators was a cigarette holder. This is considered as one of the most bizarre Ray-Ban designs ever.


  • Tom Cruise’s effect
    Time and again, Tom Cruise has been credited for increasing the sales of Ray-Ban sunglasses. In 1983, he was seen in ‘Risky Business’ wearing a pair of Wayfarers. That year, the sales of Ray-Ban increased by 50 percent. Three years later, he was seen sporting Aviators in films. This led to a 40% increase in the sales of Ray-Ban eyewear.

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