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5 startling Ray-Ban sunglasses makeovers

Ray-Ban has been one of the most prominent eyewear brands in history. It has always been the personal favorites for the ones ‘who just don’t want to be seen, but to be noticed’.

Ray-Ban is well known for its wide range of iconic sunglasses and eyeglasses. Some of the famous Ray-Ban sunglasses styles which have withstood the test of time are the Aviators, Clubmasters and Wayfarers.

Ever since 1937, Ray-Ban has produced the most iconic eyewear ever. The brand has been in the forefront of creating new designs and styles, which were lapped up by the people.

Ray-Ban has now taken creativity and innovation in eyewear to the next level by using 5 materials in a beautiful and unique way, and has thus successfully pushed the limits of design, style and technology.

The brand through the years

Ray-Ban, initially owned by the American brand Bausch & Lomb, is now owned by Luxottica, an Italian group.  The first ever ‘Aviator’ sunglasses by Ray-Ban were introduced for the U.S. pilots, who were experiencing severe problems caused by the glare from the sun. The very first Aviators had green coloured lenses to cut out the sun’s glare without doing any harm to the vision.  These sunglasses, initially made in plastic, were later modified with a metal frame and came to be called the ‘Ray-Ban Aviator’. And the rest, as they say, is history.

The makeovers

The iconic brand has come a long way from the time of first Aviators. The Ray-Ban sunglasses, now available in various styles, recently got a makeover with raw denim, genuine leather, smooth velvet, ultra-light steel and lustrous titanium, all making its way into their manufacture.

For instance, the popular Wayfarer is now made up of four to five layers of denim, and then hand finished to have that perfect piece. The classic Aviator has also got a makeover with black and brown calf leather going into its making. Moreover, Wayfarers are now being made in stainless steel, which makes it light in weight.

For the launch of this new collection, Ray-Ban invited celebrities and some of the well known personalities from the fashion industry. The launch took place in New York, with a unique factory-workshop setting, and the guests got to explore the 5 materials used for the makeover of the brand’s famous styles.  Some of the important guests invited to the event even got a chance to get a customized pair of Ray-Ban eyewear.

This new range beautifully showcases the creativity and inventions of the artists and the designers, and has added to our fondness for the brand’s most classic and recognized sunglasses styles.

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