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Mirrored Aviators or mirrored Wayfarer: What’s your pick?

This summer, mirrored sunglasses are ruling the streets. Everyone is seen sporting a mirrored Aviator or a Wayfarer for their time out in the sun.


Mirror sunglasses have a reflective optical coating on the lenses, which makes it appear like mirrors. The mirror coating reduces the amount of light passing through the lens up to 60%. The mirror sunglasses are useful if you are going out in bright conditions. So, if you plan to go hiking or skiing, a pair of mirror sunglasses is a must-have eyewear accessory.


Mirror sunglasses are known as ‘cop shades’ as they are sported in large numbers by the U.S. cops.


What more! The mirror sunglasses can be paired with your casuals as well as your chic corporate attire.


When it comes to mirror sunglasses, the trending styles have been the Aviators and Wayfarers. But which one suits you the most? Or is there a choice for each occasion?


The face shape


Each face shape is unique. What suits one might not suit the other.


So at the onset, you need to find out the shape of your face. For this, you have to stand in front of a mirror, and trace the outline of your face on it with a chalk or marker.


If you have a round, oval or square face, it is best to buy a pair of Aviators. For other face shapes such as triangle and oblong, Wayfarers might be a better option.


The choice of occassion


Aviator sunglasses have a casual look to them. So it is best to pair it with your Friday dressing or for your time out in the golf course.


Wayfarers, on the other hand, can go well with your corporate attire.


If you are a student or a backpacker, go for a pair of Aviators. If you are going for a wedding or a meeting, it is best to pair your attire with a Wayfarer.


Now since you know as to which type of mirrored sunglasses to buy, don’t wait more. Log on to a portal selling mirrored sunglasses and grab a pair of these trending shades and go out in style..And of course, protect your vision too.


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