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We dress up in absolutely amazing clothes, carry the latest handbags in fashion, put on exclusive footwear and wear ravishing jewelry. But in all this, we tend to overlook the most important thing of our personality? It is our face or our eyes. If you are a glasses wearer, you need to focus on your eyeglasses because this is the most eye catching accessory. It’s not possible for anyone to not look at your face or our eyes before they notice your clothes or other stuff.

What do eyeglasses do other than providing you with great vision?

Gone are the days when people wore eyeglasses just to see clearly. Nowadays glasses are not just a medical necessity, they have become a fashion statement. Eyeglasses have now brought in the combo concept of see + look good. Eyeglasses are more perceptible than anything else that we put on. Every day we change what we are wearing on our body, what’s on our feet, but never think of changing our eyeglasses. We generally forget the fact that eyeglasses have the power of instantly making a fabulous or a drab impression.

What frames say about you?

Your eyeglasses reveal a lot about your personality. They convey whether you are fashion savvy or practical, traditional or progressive. Your frame should clearly tell people of what you want them to know about you. A carefully constructed attire can be dampened by a wrong pair of eyeglasses.

Let’s have a look at what frames with different shapes, colors etc. say about you.

1. Shape

The shape of your eyeglasses speaks loudly of your character:

  • Round / Oval Frames tell about your creative and tranquil nature. They portray the affinity towards romantic things in life.
  • Rectangular frames convey modern intelligence and are worn by people who are quiet.
  • CAT-Eye Frames say that you are courageous and sophisticated.
  • Wayfarers speak of the cool attitude of a person who doesn’t care much about what others think. They are also worn by people who want to look nerdy.
  • Aviator glasses portray the simplicity of the person. Aviator wearers are known to be relaxed and ones who love adventure too.

2. Material

The material of the eyeglass can be either plastic or metal. The metal glasses create a more professional, responsible and sleek look, while the plastic glasses convey fun loving and youthful sense of style.

3. Color

The color of the eyeglasses speaks of the volume of your personality. Bright colored glasses portray a bold statement. Black can be bold as well as subtle depending on the outfit. Red is a powerful color which conveys bold, fashionable and dominant personality type. Pastel colored glasses create a kinder appearance. Bold colors like blue, yellow, and aqua tend to create a fun loving and outgoing appearance. Brown frames give a natural and earthy appearance.

4. Embelishments

Gems, glitters, Swarovski etc. on eyeglasses portray the ritzy, youthful or feminine style and creative nature. Lack of embellishments creates a neat and simple style.

You should pay attention to what you are wearing on your face all day every day because it gives others a glimpse of what you are from inside.

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