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How to make your sunglasses power-ful

Till a while back, people having eyeglasses were unable to wear sunglasses. The reason – sunglasses could never correct the vision. With the entry of power sunglasses, the scenario has changed. Now even those who need vision correction can wear power sunglasses, as they serve the dual purpose of protecting your eyes and correcting your vision as well.

What more! A pair of power sunglasses also adds to your fashion quotient.  Numerous designs of power sunglasses have gained popularity as they perfectly match all outfits. Many brands like Vincent Chase, Ray-Ban, Oakley, Vintage, Sundrive, Vogue, Emporio Armani and D&G manufacture power sunglasses. Moreover, these power shades are available in all shapes and styles.

Power sunglasses & regular

What sets power sunglasses apart from regular ones?

Firstly, plain sunglasses are used for the protection of the eyes from the bright light and harmful rays of the sun. Power sunglasses not only perform the above functions, but also correct your vision.

No wonder, these power shades are a hit among the youngsters.

Clarity, glare & UV rays

Power sunglasses are known to provide higher vision clarity than normal sunglasses. They are also more effective in reducing glare than normal sunglasses. Most of the power sunglasses also block 100% UV rays too.

The options for power sunglasses

Power sunglasses are made using a high graded optical material. They are available for virtually any lens prescription, including bifocal and progressive lens options. For added glare protection, prescription polarized sunglasses can be ordered too.

Now the next time you head outdoors, forget your photo chromatic eyeglasses at home. Instead, sport a pair of power sunglasses and head out in style.

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