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Always in style: the Eyewear

With time, everything and everyone undergoes a transformation. Change becomes the order of the day. The latest collections of eyeglasses for men have bold frames with different prints while for women, new colours and patterns are in vogue.

The latest eyewear spring –summer collection is here to blow your mind away! While some of the eyeglasses are a revival of old styles with a modern tweak, there are others which are completely new but carry a vintage stamp.  Colours, patterns and prints have undergone a sea of change.

New eyewear styles for women:

Cool and chic styles only for the fairer sex:

Cat Eyeglasses:

These eyeglasses are brought back from the rave culture of the 90’s era. Bold frames in bright colours represents the new generation. With the feminine frame, these eyeglasses bring perfect charisma to a women’s mien.

Round Eyeglasses:

Round eyeglasses continue to be in trend in 2014. These glasses with their classic shape have been in fashion for long and will continue to be so forever. Reinvented with animal prints, these eyeglasses bring verve and vivacity in the wearer’s demeanour.

Colourful Arms:

These eyeglasses are made for women who prefer simple yet trendy eye wear. Simple rectangular glasses with colourful and dramatic arms have been designed to fit any woman’s personality. The colourful arms suit every style and can be paired with just about anything.

* Statement Frames:

Statement frames offer individual style and aesthetic pleasure to the wearer’s personality. With its bold yet edgy frame, it is a perfect balance between square and rectangular eyeglasses. Zooey Deschanel and Hollywood heartthrob Kate Blanchett have carried off the perfect look with these eyeglasses at various public functions.

Keyhole cut eyeglasses:

These eyeglasses are in vogue for their unique keyhole bridge design. Keyhole Cut eyeglasses are in fashion for their sporty design and trendy look. Alexa Chung is often photographed wearing these eyeglasses and she sports them with élan.


New eyewear styles for men:

Following eyewear trends have been making rounds in the fashion circle for men:

Keyhole Cut eyeglasses:

Unique keyhole designs with bold frames offer men a sporty and edgy look. Celebrities such as Justin Timberlake, Johnny Depp, and Ryan Gosling prefer Keyhole Cut eyeglasses to the normal designs as they believe this style gives them a rough and tough look.


ClubMaster eyeglasses:

These eyeglasses have only top half of the frame; the lenses are round and rimless. This season, the Club Master eyewear is making a style statement in bold and masculine colours.


Tortoise shell eyeglasses:

Tortoise shell eyeglasses come in transparent, translucent or coloured plastic frames. Round glasses suit most men and come in bright neon colours too.


Statement frames:

Statement eyeglasses come in many patterns and colours. It is impossible not to find an eyewear that reflects the personal style of a man.


Colourful arms:

Classic eyewear has been reintroduced with colourful arms to avoid giving a nerdy look to the wearer..

Although eyewear was considered unisex, this seasons’ collection breaks away from that tradition by introducing exclusive ranges for men and women. If ever there was a right time to indulge in eyeglasses, the time is now.

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