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Mirror, mirror on the eye

Mirrored sunglasses are the latest to catch the frenzy of Generation Next.  Available in Aviators, Wayfarers, ClubMaster and other different styles of sunglasses, these ones offer protection as well as style.


Simple sunglasses are things of the past. Today, everyone desires something that makes them look good and helps them to stand out among  the crowd. And  mirrored sunglasses are the perfect answer to this want. With reflective coating, the lenses of these sunglasses look like little mirrors. Gone for good in the late 90s, these sunglasses have made a tremendous comeback when they featured in ‘The Matrix’.

What are mirrored sunglasses?

Mirrored sunglasses have reflective coating on the outside surface of the lenses due to which the wearer gets a brown or grey tinted vision. These  act like one way mirrors. They do not allow sunlight or  ultraviolet light to enter the eye which makes them protective and stylish at the same time. Almost all kinds of sunglasses have mirrored lenses. From the classic Aviators and timeless Wayfarers to the contemporary ClubMaster, all have mirror lens version.  Mirrored sunglasses go from rainbow-hued lenses to coloured oneswith a solid  finish.

Benefits of mirrored sunglasses

Like all sunglasses, mirrored sunglasses are not only a fashion accessory but they also safeguard our eyes. The  notable benefits are :

        i.            Light reduction: Optical coating stops the glare of harsh sunlight to enter the eyes. Tinted lens strains the eye less and therefore does not distort the vision and prevents the squinting and pain in the eyes.


      ii.            Glare cutback: Mirror sunglasses in comparison to polarized ones cuts backon the glare without losing the contrast of the colours. These sunglasses are most useful while driving, skiing or playing water sports.


    iii.            Zero eye contact: As the lenses act as little mirrors, there is no eye contact with other people while wearing these glasses. This feature helps to hide red, tired or puffy eyes.


    iv.            Ultraviolet rays: These sunglasses shield the  eyes from the harmful ultraviolet rays that damage the retina of the eyes and can lead to pre-mature blindness.


      v.            Range of colours and styles: Mirrored sunglasses come in  lot of colours and styles. You can get pink, green or blue shaded lens without looking at the world in the same colour. .



The only risk of wearing mirrored sunglasses is that it doesn’t go well with every attire such as the formal wear or business suits. Be very careful not to commit a fashion faux pas by complimenting mirrored eyewear with something that is not funky and casual.

One of the prevalent trends right now, mirrored sunglasses have taken the fashion world by a storm. . From celebs to ordinary people like us, these sunglasses have made way into everybody’s closet.. What are you waiting for? Grab one and make a style statement immediately.

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