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Blend it like Camo with Ray-Ban sunglasses

It’s time to face the urban jungle. The Camouflage, aka Camo prints are in full force this summer season. From Milan Fashion Week to FTV models, from men to women – everyone is going wild with the Camo.

Whiel the military-inspired motif was always a favourite with men, it’s selling like hot cakes for women too now.

Design inspiration

From Michael Kors, to Christopher Kane, to Gryphon, almost all designers showed camo-inspired prints in a wide range of colours and textures on the Sprin-Summer runway. The hints of the same were seen during the Fall runways too, but who knew it would stick on in the scorching heat too.

Dresses, jackets, pants, bags, shoes – nothing’s hidden from the Camo fever. So much so that the world’s largest and most popular eyewear brand, Ray-Ban, has launched its latest collection of sunglasses with Camo prints on the temples.

Camo fever hits the eyes

Camouflage is an authentic technique used my soldiers for decades to hide or disguise themselves in adverse conditions, all over the world. Various techniques like Cactus pattern, Lizard pattern and Bird’s droppings pattern among many more are used to get this range going.

Use of camouflage in fashion is not new. Camo military clothing became very common in the ’60s. And it has remained in trend since then. Camouflage dresses are never out of fashion, no matter the season, region or time of the day. Ray-Ban has used this li’l fashion fact with a distinct twist.

The ‘Blends like Camo’ collection presented by Ray-Ban uses Camo as the inspiration for striking designs, splash of colours and pattern disorder for their eyegear. The eyewear are noticeable and bold. They help you stand out and give an edge to your normal bland eyewear.

The best part is that camouflage print is wearable for any age group. Now middle-aged people can rock it as well as the teenagers can.

Get it right

The key to the perfect look is to not overdo it. Don’t mix your cool camouflage glasses with animal print or some other bold print in your attire. Keep the accessories to the minimum so as not to pass as faux pas.

The earthy tones of brown and pale green add the old world charm to a majority of this collection of Ray-Ban sunglasses. Polarized blue/green lenses add the needed mystery to it.

Keep an eye out for this spring’s must have glasses: Camouflage. Be bold.

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