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Technology that gets Ray-Ban kicking

When you think of sunglasses, what’s the first word that comes to mind? There’s a high probability that you will say Ray-Ban.

Ray-Ban’s is a story of how a brand became synonymous with the product it sold. Launched way back in 1937, Ray-Ban continues to rule people’s hearts. With Aviators and Wayfarers gaining iconic status, Ray-Ban has carved a definite niche for itself in the sunglasses segment. So, what is it that Ray-Ban is doing right?

Aesthetic appeal is one of the major USPs of the eyewear manufactured by Ray-Ban. Its styles can be sleek and suave or bold and flamboyant, depending on your pick. Moreover, the entire manufacturing process and the stringent quality controls have ensured that the entire product range of Ray-Ban is unbeatable in quality.

Let us take a look at the innovative and exclusive frame styles that Ray-Ban has come up with and how they are beneficial to the user.

  • Memo Ray

Durability is the hallmark of a high-quality product. And that is exactly what the Memo Ray frames promise. Crafted with a nickel-titanium alloy, the frame is strong as steel. And yet it is lighter too, as titanium has only 60% of the density of steel.

Ray-Ban says that the Memo ray frames can ‘withstand all kinds of abuse’

  • Carbon Fibre

These frames have the Ray-Ban’s slimmest wrap temples, even though they are made up of seven layers of carbon fibre sheets.

The end pieces of the temples are rubber-injected, offering a comfortable grip. The Monoblock hinges towards the front of the frame aren’t welded and thus, can endure years of opening and closing without breaking apart.

  • Light-Ray

Lighter, thinner and stronger – this’s the way Ray-Ban likes to describe these frames.

Ray-Ban’s lightest frames till date, weighing a mere 1.7 gram, are replete with innovations that help make the experience of the wearer more comfortable and stress-free.

No welding takes place during the manufacturing process of Light-Ray frames. The monoblock hinges are manufactured without screws, thus eliminating the possibility of loose screws. As no nickel goes into the manufacturing of the frame, they do not cause any allergies too.

  • Liteforce

Liteforce is crafted out of PK001, a thermoplastic polymer processed at high temperatures. Ray-Ban is the first brand to use this material in manufacturing eyewear. This material is impact-resistant and chemical-resistant. The robust frames are thin and offer the same flexibility that injected plastic glasses have.

  • Titanium

50% per cent lighter than metal or steel frames, Ray-Ban’s titanium frames are strong, durable, elastic as well as corrosion-resistant. Titanium frames are also impact-resistant and flexible. The titanium frames of Ray-Ban are also hypoallergenic, which makes it the appropriate eyewear for those with sensitive skin.

Ray-Ban has always been at the forefront of technological innovations in the eyewear segment. These advances by Ray-Ban show how much importance they attribute to bringing the newest eyewear frame technologies to the people. No wonder, Ray-Ban has remained the numero-uno in eyewear for years.

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