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“To counter various sorts of eye diseases that prevail nowadays many companies that deal in eye care products have started manufacturing contact lenses at a larger scale to provide comfort to eyes and as a mark of fashion as well. Wearing contact lenses is much more convenient as compared to specs.”


Our almighty has created the beautiful universe with astounding beauty and awesomeness. Everything in itself is magnificent and a tinge to the overall beauty that God has bestowed for us to ponder. Beautiful waterfalls, picturesque landscapes, reverberating chirping sound of birds are undeniable natural attractions. Eyes are considered as the most beautiful gift that God has given humans. Without it, the world would have been nothing. There has been continuous rise in the level of pollution and as a consequence body organs are facing the brunt of these environmental changes. Eyes being the most sensitive and delicate organs are susceptible to the change in environmental conditions. Myopia, Hypermetropia, Astigmatism, cataract are some of the diseases that are most common these days. Realizing the needs of people, scientific communities have developed specs and contact lenses. Nowadays, People are often seen using contact lenses.

There have been various historical discoveries and changes that have brought regular revolutions in the eyewear manufacturing industry. The idea of contact lenses was actually introduced by Leonardo Da Vinci in 1508. He even wrote in his book Codex of the eye, Manual D, about the methods that actually alter corneal power. He later studied eye accommodation by submerging the eye in a bowl. Rene in 1636 actually gave an idea where he kept a glass tube filled with liquid in direct contact of the cornea. The proposal was however found to be totally impractical. In 1801, Thomas Young developed a pair of contact lenses and later affixed the water-filled lenses to his eyes. The developed model was based on the pioneering approach of Descartes. Their model was also defective as it hampered the refractive power of eyes. In 1845, Sir John Herschel gave two ideas for vision defects. He suggested sphere-shaped capsule of glass packed with animal jelly and cast of cornea. There were various lens manufacturers that started manufacturing lenses which provided perfect fit. F.E. Muller, a German glassmaker produced the first eye covering that gave vision even more clarity. However, German ophthalmologist Adolf Gaston Eugen Fick gave the first successful contact lens.
The fabricated focal sclera contact lens was fixed on the less sensitive rim tissue around the cornea. As the Fick’s lens was actually large and bulky so it was somewhat unbearable for even a couple of hours. Louis J. Girard in 1887 designed another form of contact lens. It was not until the 1930s that the glass blown sclera lenses became prevalent. In 1936, William Feinbloom gave the first plastic contact lenses to the world that were actually made up of a mix of plastic and glass. In 1949, the first corneal lenses were designed and developed that were proposed to be used up to sixteen hours a day. With the passage of time and advent of technological innovations, the PMMA corneal lenses design became even more sophisticated. The design was opaque and it did not allow oxygen transmission. It resulted in various types of adverse clinical effects. Rigid gas permeable (RGP) lenses became much prevalent. The Czech chemists Otto Wichterle and Drahoslav Lim brought revolution in the use of soft lenses. First soft (hydrogel) lenses started to be used in some countries in and around 1960s. British optometrist Rishi Agarwal suggested disposable soft contact lenses in 1972. There are number of hybrid lenses available in the market now. These set of lenses consist of a rigid center and a soft skirt. It rather meant that smaller, rigid lens was affixed on the surface of a large and soft lens. It gave the effect of both that is benefit of vision correction of a rigid lens as well as the comfort level of a soft lens.

There are various brands like Bausch & Lomb, Johnson & Johnson, Acuvue, Biomedics, Freshkon,Glamour Eye that are involved in the manufacturing of contact lenses. In 1998, Ciba Vision contrived the first silicone hydrogels contact lenses for the market of Mexico that really changed the purview of the lens manufacturers. In the year 1980, Ciba Vision Corporation was established as a result of diversification strategy of Ciba-Geigy’s USA Pharmaceutical Division which is actually headquartered in Atlanta, GA, U.S. In 1996, Ciba–Geigy merged with Sandoz and formed Novartis. Novartis is now a world leading supplier of health care products and Ciba vision has became its eye care unit.
Ciba Vision is a contact lens manufacturing company which has set a landmark in the world of eye care products. It has set high quality standards, innovative and leading technologies to meet the demands of the global market demand. It offers a wide range of contact lenses and these products are manufactured ensuring high permeability for oxygen. Ciba Vision contact lenses take great care of all sorts of eye problems. Whether anyone is suffering from long sightedness or short sightedness, Ciba Vision contact lenses have remedy for all of them. Even patients suffering from presbyopia and Astigmatism can find their cure with Ciba Vision contact lenses.

Ciba Vision has various categories of contact lenses for every purpose. During day time, daily wear contact lenses are worn. However, Permeable contact lenses are used for long time intervals. Some products like Continuous Wear and Extended Wear are designed for continuous day and overnight use. Ciba Vision contact lenses can be used freely for the whole day and even during nights.  

There have been several resolutions in various terms with the variation of market trend, technological innovations and the growing impact of globalization in the field of lens industry. There has been a continuous change in the strategy of Ciba Vision contact lenses that make them look fashionable. It shows that people have got totally dependent upon the overall comforts. They do not want to face the hectic markets for their daily shopping requirements. With the revolution in the technological innovations and the birth of interconnection giant called the internet technology, Ciba Vision contact lenses are just a few clicks away from being your property. To buy contact lenses you just need to visit any online shopping portal and follow the instructions.


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