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Style yourself the ‘Fastrack’ way

Style yourself the ‘Fastrack’ way

Sunglasses are the most primary requirement of our daily dress code. With varieties in the lens, frames and temples material and design, sunglasses remark the fashion trends of the market.

Enchanting waterfall, silvery sand beaches and shady palm trees are some scenes which always have a special place in the hearts of people. In the current scenario, every perception has changed. Mother earth has undergone various serious climatic alterations and so the sunglasses have become a part and parcel of our daily wear. Different state governments have framed various norms and conditions which have made wearing sunglasses as compulsory. People too have adopted the trend and they are often seen wearing an eyewear. Sunglasses are now a necessity as well as a mark of fashion. Fashion wear is undefined without sunglasses. Sunglasses have a different place in the fashion world.
Sunglasses are considered to have a history that dates back to about thousands of years back but now they are much different and are used for completely different purposes. The world has seen its first sunglasses from the land of China in the period between 1268 and 1289. There are literary sources which show that the Roman emperor Nero used to wear polished gemstones to watch gladiatorial fights in the Flavian Amphitheatre. During that time, lenses were actually made up of anti glaring elements from the smoky quartz. During the 14th century, sunglasses were used mainly by the judges to hide their expressions especially during the questioning of witnesses. During the 16 century, people started to take care of their eyes as the prescription glasses were used to provide clear vision to the elders. In the 16th century, specs were used by the people. During the 1750’s, James Ayscough used tinted sunglasses as a perfect match to correct vision problems but during those days natural sun rays were associated with no problems.
With the dawn of the 20th century, sunglasses became a rage and the movie stars were the prime promoters of the new eyewear. In 1929, an American brand named Sam Foster started producing cheap sunglasses. During that time, Silvery and sandy beaches in New Jersey were crowded with people wearing designer sunglasses. The accessory rather became a fashion statement.
In 1936, Edwin H Land started experimenting to manufacture Polaroid lenses with the use of patented Polaroid filter. In 1936, Aviator sunglasses were introduced by Bausch & Lomb for U.S. military pilots. The increased use of the accessory by the army men made them all the more popular. The Aviator style of sunglasses was considered as the mark of bravery and style. During the Second World War, several snaps of General MacArthur wearing sunglasses encouraged the trend of using the sunglasses. As the wartime heroes have started using sunglasses, it became an inspiration for the youths all over the world to flaunt shades. On sunny days, people started wearing sunglasses as an accessory that reflected their fashion statement. Some of the famous celebrities including TV stars, Movie stars, musicians and others started using them as mark of fashion.
There are various brands like Gucci, Armani, Dior, Prada, Jacobs, Versace and Cavalli known for their unique and peculiar design pattern. Amongst them one brand that deals in different verticals of product manufacturing is Titan. The brand, Titan was in 1984 as a joint venture between the Tata Group and the Tamil Nadu Industrial Development Corporation. Titan Industries is speculated to be India’s largest retail network. Titan has a sub brand named Fastrack which cares about the trends of the youth in the market. Nowadays, Fastrack is considered as youth’s sensation. Fastrack deals in various realms of products as bags, belts, sunglasses, wallets, watches & wristbands. From various eyewear products available in the market, Fastrack sunglasses are considered at par form various other models. Fastrack sunglasses continue to grow by setting new standards for innovation and quality.
Various types of lenses as Gradient, Photo chromic, Photo chromatic are used in their design. Gradient glasses are basically darker at the top of the lens whereas the bottom portion gives a clear view. Even the Corrective lenses can be used as sunglasses with either tinted or darkened glasses. There are lots of variations in terms of the colour and frame. The colour of the lenses can have variations depending upon style, fashion and function. However, generally the use of red, grey, green, or brown colours are prominent among the Fastrack sunglasses. Fastrack sunglasses rim are available in Full Rim, Half Rim and Rim Less styles. The frames used in the Fastrack sunglasses are specially designed for every type of face structure. Fastrack sunglasses which are considered as the toast of the market take care of every need of the market. Not only it protects the beautiful eyes but also keep away some eye diseases like cataract, blindness and others.


Fastrack Sunglasses

Fastrack Sunglasses

Nowadays, the curse of sun rays has become even more intense and so wearing sunglasses has become a trend. There are innumerable market strategies that have undergone various changes with the increase in the want of leisure and comfort among people. People do not want to visit the marketplace for their regular purchases. Hectic market surroundings and chaotic environment make the people to think twice before visiting the market place. In recent years, there has been an increase in the number of shopping websites adding an edge to the whole picture of the expanding volatile market and increasing customer base. Internet revolution has widely influenced the people’s choice as they have a number of brands flooding with their innumerable collection. Amidst all brands, Fastrack provides spectacular online facility. Various e-commerce websites   are offering the variants. In order to buy sunglasses online, the shopper just need to make a few clicks. One can enjoy with holidays with power of perception offered by Fastrack sunglasses. Fastrack sunglasses offer you enjoyment as well as shield the eyes from the harmful radiations. Fastrack sunglasses continue to grow and set new standards of innovation and quality.


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