Ciba Vision Contact Lenses

Ciba vision is a leading brand of USA that caters to the needs of people by manufacturing variety of contact lenses. The brand provides its services in more than 70 countries. Contact lenses manufactured by Ciba Vision have certain specialities and remarkable features that takes them a step ahead of their competitors. Thereby, convincing customers to buy these. These lenses are quite user friendly in terms of nature and prices too. Ciba Vision contact lenses eradicate the corneal errors of the eye in the best possible way without any side effect. The brand basically manufactures contact lenses and lens care products that help to take care of eyes and enhances comfort.

In recent times, contact lenses have become a perfect alternate for spectacles to enhance vision. It is well understood that eyes are one of the most important as well as sensitive organs of our body. Therefore eyes need more care as compared to other parts of the body. Ciba Vision contact lenses understand this fact and works in accordance, to take care of this sensitive organ. That is why it has gained its position of being a preferred brand among users of contact lenses since more than last 30 years.

Apart from manufacturing contact lenses Ciba Vision also works in the field of researching and developing new techniques. It is always on the look-out for new avenues for manufacturing contact lenses and their care products. Major categories of contacts that Ciba Vision manufactures are Air Optix, Air Optix Night & Day, Freshlook and Dailies contacts.

Ciba vision was the first brand to introduce and commercialize contact lenses made of silicon hydrogel. There are several benefits of using silicon hydrogel for contact lens. These type of lenses are special as they let oxygen pass through them, making it easier for eyes to breathe. Silicon hydrogel lens can perform this process more efficiently in comparison to other normal soft contact lenses. These lenses are wettable in nature making them soft after absorbing water.

Most Eye care professionals recommend, wearing contact lens for a specific time period as there may be certain cons in contact lenses that can harm eyes if you continue to wear them after their expiry date. That is why you are advised to dispose off the contacts after a specified tenure. Keeping this thing in mind lenses are categorized in term of their disposable time period. According to disposable schedule contact lenses are categorized as daily, weekly, monthly disposable contact lenses.

Monthly Disposable

Monthly Disposable contact lenses can be worn for a month without replacing them. Generally these lenses are used for 30 days. If you continue to wear them after 30 nights then there may be certain complications that can harm your eyes and affect vision also.

Monthly Disposable contacts that are being manufactured by Ciba Vision are AIR OPTIX® AQUA, AIR OPTIX® for ASTIGMATISM, AIR OPTIX® NIGHT & DAY® AQUA and AIR OPTIX® AQUA MULTIFOCAL.

Daily Disposable

Daily Disposable contact lens are those that should be worn for a day only. They should be removed from the eyes before going to bed at night. These kind of contact lenses are generally used by those who wear contacts occasionally.

Daily Disposable contacts that are being manufactured by Ciba Vision are dailies AquaComfort Plus, Focus dailies All Day Comfort™, Focus Dailies, Toric and Focus Dailies Progressives .

Colour Disposable

In recent days most of lens- wearers use coloured contact lenses just to change the colour of eyes for enhancing their looks and appearance. Colour disposable contact lenses are also used as prescription lenses that generally corrects Myopia (near sightedness) and Hyper Metropia (far sightedness) errors. Most of the people use coloured contact lenses on occasions or parties. So, generally coloured contact lenses are daily disposable contact lenses that should be removed after being used for a day.

Toric Disposable

These lenses that have properties to correct astigmatism error of the eye. It is a kind of refractive error in which the eyes are not able to focus well on the object to form a correct image. Toric contact lenses are designed to have two powers in them for making vision correct. One power is provided to remove astigmatism error and the other is for either myopia or hyperopia. Toric lenses are generally made of Silicone Hydrogel, Omafilcon A, Methafilcon A, Polymacon, Hilafilcon A, Hilafilcon B or Balafilcon A. Toric contact lenses comes in three types soft, gas-permeable and disposable. Toric disposable lenses should be removed or disposed after their tenure expires. Ciba vision manufactures quality Toric disposable lenses.

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