Clear and Crisp Vision with Johnson and Johnson Lenses

Contact lenses help you to see the world full of bright colours and natural beauty. Contact lenses are actually medical equipments which can be used by people either cosmetically or therapeutically. A number of popular brands like Johnson and Johnson and Bausch and Lomb have come up with high quality lenses in a variety of colours. A good type of lens can give you amazing confidence and improves your body language. LensKart has an amazing collection of lenses for you to choose from. Buying online can save a sizable amount of your time and money.

Johnson & Johnson Contact lenses

Weekly disposable

If you are looking for a pair of lenses which you need to use for a short period of time then you buy weekly disposable lenses. Johnson and Johnson ACUVUE2 Value Pack is one of the best if vision correction is your priority. It will offer you with a very high level of comfort over a long period of time. You can easily hold the lenses in your fingertip which makes the insertion and removal process quite easy. Made with perfect precision by Johnson and Johnson, it will enhance your vision to a great extent within a short period of time.

Daily disposable Lenses

If you are looking for lenses which you can dispose after daily use, then you can opt for Moist Acuvue lenses from Johnson and Johnson. It comes with Laceron technology which comes with an embedded ingredient designed to maintain moisture throughout the day to resist dryness and discomfort. This water holding element is quite similar to natural tears, and comes with a proven ”Etafilcon A’’ material which actually creates a smooth layer throughout the lens ensuring that you get a fresh feeling from the very moment you wear it till its removal. Buying in bulk will be a great option as it will save a lot of your valuable money apart from improving your vision.

Toric lenses

Toric lenses are lenses with different optical powers and focal length in two orientations which are perpendicular to each other. The surface of one of the surfaces is like a cap while the other is spherical. For patients who suffer from astigmatism, these type of lenses are best suited to correct vision. The main advantage of astigmatism students is that astigmatism can be corrected more effectively in comparison to normal soft lenses.

Bifocal lenses

Bifocal lenses are best suited to improve the vision of Presbyopia patients. These lenses are usually available with two prescriptions-one as a distance prescription and the other for reading purposes. Ever since its discovery in the 18th century, bifocals have adapted different lens designs to accommodate different tastes and preferences. These include flat tops, round segments, curve tops, executives and blended bifocals.

Monthly disposable lenses

If you have a limited budget to improve your vision then you can opt for buying monthly disposable lenses. You can wear these lenses for a month as prescribed by your optometrist. All that you have to do is to remove your lenses and clean them before reinserting. Since, these lenses can be used only for a short period of time then you need to take great care because mineral deposits can develop in your lenses. In the below mentioned paragraph are some tips which you can use to use your pair of lenses.

  •  Positively wash your hands thoroughly before actually applying your contact lenses.
  •  Gently shake your lenses containing the storage solution to loosen the lenses in case it gets stuck.
  •  You should slide the lens out of its case and place it in your palm.
  •  Make sure that to rinse it thoroughly with the appropriate contact lens solution.
  •  You should place the lenses on the tip of your middle finger which should be dry in most cases.
  •  You should position the lens on your eye while looking up and down whichever way you find it easy.
  •  What you can ideally do is to apply the contact lens by placing it in the white of your eye closest to your ear. Then gently roll your eyes to make sure that the lens settle.

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