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Ciba Vision Vs Acuvue Contact Lenses

Ciba Vision is a Novartis International undertaking, which is a leading multinational pharmaceutical company based in Switzerland. Introduced in 1980, Ciba Vision is a leading manufacturer and developer of contact lenses and lens care products. Extended wear contacts with a marketing label of Air Optix, 30 day wear contacts sold under the label of Air Optix Night and Day, coloured contacts  marketed under the label of Fresh Look, one day wear contacts called Dailies and various other eye care products like AoSept and Clear Care are serving the people throughout the world.

Acuvue is a subsidiary brand of Johnson and Johnson specializing in manufacture of disposable contact lenses. The company is known for developing a new material called Etafilcon-A. But it was only in 1986 that the products of Acuvue were introduced to the market. Acuvue 2 one day wear lens, which comes with hydrogel material as well as Oasys two week lenses for presbyopia are some leading products of the company. Both Acuvue and Ciba Vision are renowned brand names in the market and are noted for the long line up of equally great products. Let us compare both the brands to understand the product line up of both the companies, so that we are able to choose the products according to our needs from the wide range of products offered by these brands.


Elements Ciba Vision Acuvue
Brand History Although the parent company of Ciba Vision CIBA was founded in 1859, the brand was introduced in 1980. The company was founded in 1950’s by an optometrist namely Seymour Marco in Jacksonville.
After a series of mergers and acquisitions with Geigy in 1970 and with Sandoz in 1996 to form Novartis. In 1970’s he developed etafilcon-A and started manufacturing soft lens. In 1981 the company was taken over by Johnson and Johnson and renamed as Vistakon.
In 1990’s first disposable Toric lens, silicone hydrogel contacts and daily disposable progressives were manufactured and launched in the market. In 1986, Acuvue products were launched in the market with seven day extended period lens, which later on became daily use lens.
Market value Ciba Vision holds 21% of the market share in disposable lens market as of 1994. Acuvue has a 14.8% market share in disposable contact lens market as of 1994.
Ciba Vision maintains a strong presence in Germany, Singapore, Indonesia, and Malaysia apart from Duluth, GA, USA Acuvue manufacturing facilities are located in the United States, and in Limerick, Ireland but has a stake in European market.
Supply and Demand The company has grown over the years and sold more than 1.9 billion lenses in 2009 to address the eye care needs of the patients with varied optical requirements. Acuvue has a sales records of $27.47 billion in 1999 and has spent $4.4 billion for research and development in 2010.
Eye Vision Correction Ciba Vision is the first company to develop and commercialize silicone hydrogel (SiHy) contact lenses and has introduced a breakthrough contact lens manufacturing technology called Lightstream technology that warrants  consistent high lens performance and excellent vision. Acuvue was the first company to develop and use a new material (etafilcon A).The Laceron technology developed by Acuvue allows 98% of all oxygen available to the central cornea.Acuvue also uses Hydraclear Plus technology which features Accelerated Stabilisation Design for exceptional eye on stability. In addition to that, it uses most advanced silicone hydrogel, senofilcon A.
Ciba Vision not only endeavors to improve vision but it has also created new therapeutic and preventive solutions to address a wide variety of vision needs like:

·         Astigmatism

·         Corneal Oxygen Deficiency

·         Dry Eye

·         Eye Allergies

·         Farsightedness

·         Nearsightedness

·         Presbyopia





The company has introduced UV-blocking contact lenses offering resistance to 82% of UV-A radiation and 97% of UV-B radiation.It features 4-zone Accelerated Stabilisation Design (ASD) technology which is used in Astigmatism, Multifocal Range and Bifocal Range. Contacts from Acuvue have Pupil Intelligent design which helps presbyopia patients with optimal vision.
Diversity There is a diverse range of contact lenses  offered by Ciba Vision for various ailments. The products available under different sections for diverse uses can be selected according to the needs of the patient. Acuvue provides solutions for teens, children, adults and everyone. These contact lenses may be corrective, cosmetic or therapeutic in nature.
Disposability Daily disposable lensesWeekly disposable lensMonthly disposable lens

Extended period (yearly)


Daily disposable lensesWeekly disposable lensMonthly disposable lens

Extended period (yearly)

Package Ciba Vision lenses come in sets of 2/3/6 and 10. Acuvue lenses come in sets of 6/12 and 30.


Eye care for healthy and beautiful eyes:

·         Clean and rinse:In case of extended period lenses, you can take care of them as directed by your doctor. And in case of disposable lenses, discard them after every use.

·         Shades and styles:Both Acuvue and Ciba Vision take care of the customer needs and develop their products as per the demands of the consumers. So, there is a product for everybody as both the companies have a lot to offer when it comes to diversity in terms of shades and styles.

·         Purposeful and reliable:Acuvue and Ciba Vision are dedicated to protect the eyesight of people around the globe by offering a range of the finest eye care products, including contact lenses and other lens care products. All the eye care products of both the companies are endowed with the best features and are developed after extensive research.

·         Lens material:Both the companies are competitively coming up with new ways of improving the material in the lenses. Considerable strides have been made in developing the materials of these lenses and the improvisation of the eye products continues in Acuvue as well as in Ciba Vision.

·         Global availability and Cost effectiveness:Both Acuvue as well as Ciba Vision have a global footprint and all the products offered by the companies are high in demand. The new technology  has made it still more possible for the masses to use the products offered by these companies.

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